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International braz j urol
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Int. braz j urol. vol.38 no.2 Rio de Janeiro Mar./Apr. 2012

 Editor's Comment
 ·  Editorial for the Challenging Clinical Cases section: why and what to write as "Challenging Clinical Cases" in the evidence based era
Reis, Leonardo Oliveira

 Review article
 ·  The role of radiotherapy in urinary bladder cancer: current status
Marta, Gustavo Nader; Hanna, Samir Abdallah; Gadia, Rafael; Correa, Sebastião Francisco Miranda; Silva, Joao Luis Fernandes da; Carvalho, Heloisa de Andrade

 Original Article
 ·  Comparison of the epidemiologic features and patterns of initial care for prostate cancer between public and private institutions: a survey by the Brazilian Society of Urology
Nardi, Aguinaldo Cesar; Reis, Rodolfo Borges dos; Zequi, Stenio de Cassio; Nardozza Junior, Arquimedes

 ·  Underexpression of MMP-2 and its regulators, TIMP2, MT1-MMP and IL-8, is associated with prostate cancer
Reis, Sabrina Thalita; Antunes, Alberto Azoubel; Pontes-Junior, Jose; Sousa-Canavez, Juliana Moreira de; Dall'Oglio, Marcos Francisco; Piantino, Camila Belfort; Cruz, Jose Arnaldo Shiomi da; Morais, Denis Reis; Srougi, Miguel; Leite, Katia R. M.

 ·  Influence of focal and diffuse extraprostatic extension and positive surgical margins on biochemical progression following radical prostatectomy
Billis, Athanase; Meirelles, Luciana L.; Freitas, Leandro L. L.; Magna, Luis A.; Reis, Leonardo O.; Ferreira, Ubirajara

 ·  Prognostic factors in renal cell carcinoma: analysis of 227 patients treated at the Brazilian National Cancer Institute
Ornellas, Antonio A.; Andrade, Dennyson M.; Ornellas, Paulo; Wisnescky, Aristóteles; Schwindt, Aline B. de Santos

 ·  Ureteroscopy in patients with coagulopathies is associated with lower stone-free rate and increased risk of clinically significant hematuria
Elkoushy, Mohamed A.; Violette, Philipe D.; Andonian, Sero

 ·  Cytoprotective role of the aqueous extract of Terminalia chebula on renal epithelial cells
Tayal, S.; Duggal, S.; Bandyopadhyay, P.; Aggarwal, A.; Tandon, S.; Tandon, C.

 ·  Laparoscopic treatment of lymphoceles after renal transplantation
Lima, Marcelo Lopes de; Cotrim, Cristiano Augusto Calderaro; Moro, Juliano Cesar; Miyaoka, Ricardo; D'Ancona, Carlos Arturo Levi

 ·  Testicular torsion and weather conditions: analysis of 21,289 cases in Brazil
Korkes, Fernando; Cabral, Paulo Roberto dos Anjos; Alves, Caio Dal Moro; Savioli, Mariana Lorenzi; Pompeo, Antonio Carlos Lima

 ·  Beneficial effect of ubiquinol, the reduced form of coenzyme Q10, on cyclosporine nephrotoxicity
Ishikawa, Akira; Homma, Yukio

 ·  Laparoscopic ureteropyeloanastomosis in the treatment of duplex system
Hisano, Marcelo; Denes, Francisco T.; Brito, Artur H.; Lucon, Marcos; Machado, Marcos G.; Bruschini, Homero; Srougi, Miguel

 ·  Long-term follow-up of penile curvature correction utilizing autologous albugineal crural graft
Da Ros, Carlos Teodósio; Graziottin, Túlio Meyer; Ribeiro, Eduardo; Averbeck, Márcio Augusto

 ·  Evaluation of the resistive index of prostatic blood flow in benign prostatic hyperplasia
Abdelwahab, Osama; El-Barky, Ehab; Khalil, Mostafa Mahmoud; Kamar, Ahmad

 ·  Primary fixation of mini slings: a comparative biomechanical study in vivo
Palma, Paulo; Siniscalchi, Rodrigo Teixeira; Maciel, Luiz Carlos; Bigozzi, Miguel Angel; Dal Fabbro, Inacio; Riccetto, Cassio

 ·  Can the delivery method influence lower urinary tract symptoms triggered by the first pregnancy?
Botelho, Simone; Silva, Joseane Marques da; Palma, Paulo; Herrmann, Viviane; Riccetto, Cassio

 ·  Impact of castration with or without alpha-tocopherol supplementation on the urethral sphincter of rats
Kracochansky, Mirian; Reis, Leonardo Oliveira; Lorenzetti, Fabio; Ortiz, Valdemar; Dambros, Miriam

 Radiology Page
 ·  Mucinous cystadenoma of the appendix mimicking polycystic kidney disease
Nozaki, Keina; Ubara, Yoshifumi; Marui, Yuhji; Tomikawa, Shinji

 ·  Penile fracture and magnetic resonance imaging
Murray, Katie S.; Gilbert, Michael; Ricci, Lawrence R.; Khare, Narendra; Broghammer, Joshua

 Video Section
 ·  Video-assisted left inguinal lymphadenectomy for penile cancer
Britto, Cesar Araujo; Rebouças, Rafael Batista; Lopes, Tassilo Rodrigo Araujo; Costa, Thiago Silva da; Leite, Rodrigo de Carvalho Holanda; Carvalho, Pedro Sales Lima de