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Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering
On-line version ISSN 1806-3691


Table of contents
J. Braz. Soc. Mech. Sci. & Eng. vol.27 no.2 Rio de Janeiro Apr./June 2005

 Technical Papers
 ·  Application of time-delay neural and recurrent neural networks for the identification of a hingeless helicopter blade flapping and torsion motions
Marques, F. D.; Souza, L. de F. Rodrigues de; Rebolho, D. C.; Caporali, A. S.; Belo, E. M.; Ortolan, R. L.

 ·  Should standard building structures in Brazil be guaranteed by a seismic resistant design?
Almeida, A. A. D.; Roehl, J. L.; Alves, J. L.

 ·  CH and C2 radicals characterization in natural gas turbulent diffusion flames
Martins, C. A.; Pimenta, A. P.; Carvalho Jr., J. A.; Ferreira, M. A.; Caldeira-Pires, A. A.

 ·  Numerical analysis of water melting and solidification in the interior of tubes
Souza, S. I. S. de; Vielmo, H. A.

 ·  Muffler modeling by transfer matrix method and experimental verification
Gerges, S. N.Y.; Jordan, R.; Thieme, F. A.; Bento Coelho, J. L.; Arenas, J. P.

 ·  Numerical simulation of fluid flow in CFB risers : A turbulence analysis approach
Gómez, L. C.; Milioli, F. E.

 ·  Study of thresholds to burning in surface grinding process
Aguiar, P. R. de; Dotto, F. R. L.; Bianchi, E. C.

 ·  Chaos and order in biomedical rhythms
Savi, M. A.

 ·  Synthesization of thermally induced errors in coordinate measuring machines
Valdés, R. A.; Di Giacomo, B.; Paziani, F. T.

 ·  Numerical computation of optimal low-thrust limited-power trajectories - Transfers between coplanar circular orbits
Fernandes, S. da Silva; Golfetto, W. A.

 ·  A continuum damage model for the stress corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steel
Bastos, I. N.; Vasconcellos, J. F. V.; Gomes, J. A. C. P.; Costa-Mattos, H. S. da

 ·  Study on the behavior of the minimum quantity lubricant - MQL technique under different lubricating and cooling conditions when grinding ABNT 4340 steel
Silva, L. R.; Bianchi, E. C.; Catai, R. E.; Fusse, R. Y.; França, T. V.; Aguiar, P. R.

 ·  An investigation of singularities in robot kinematic chains aiming at building robot calibration models for off-line programming
Motta, J. M. S. T.

 ·  A brief comment on the dynamical behavior of a forced nonlinear slewing beam: 1. Superharmonic resonance
Fenili, A.; Souza, L. C. Gadelha de; Balthazar, J. M.; Góes, L. C. S.