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Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering
On-line version ISSN 1806-3691


Table of contents
J. Braz. Soc. Mech. Sci. & Eng. vol.32 no.2 Rio de Janeiro Apr./June 2010

Editorial: Dear ABCM community
Rochinha, Fernando A.

 Technical Papers
 ·  Optimizing surface finish in WEDM using the taguchi parameter design method
Pasam, Vamsi Krishna; Battula, Surendra Babu; Madar Valli, P.; Swapna, M.

 ·  Wear evaluation of WC inserts coated with TiN/TiAlN multinanolayers
Moreno, L. H.; Ciacedo, J. C.; Martinez, F.; Bejarano, G.; Battaille, T. S.; Prieto, P.

 ·  A first attempt towards reliability-based calibration of Brazilian structural design codes
Beck, André Teófilo; Souza Jr., Antônio C. de

 ·  Plasma assisted parts' manufacturing: sintering and surface texturing - part I - influence of sintering time and temperature
Brunatto, Silvio Francisco

 ·  Plasma assisted parts' manufacturing: sintering and surface texturing - part II - influence of inter-cathode distance and gas pressure
Brunatto, Silvio Francisco

 ·  Analysis of forecasting capabilities of ground surfaces valuation using artificial neural networks
Aguiar, Paulo Roberto de; Paula, Wallace C. F. de; Bianchi, Eduardo Carlos; Ulson, José Alfredo Covolan; Cruz, Carlos E. Dorigatti

 ·  Experimental and theoretical study on workpiece temperature when tapping hardened AISI H13 using different cooling systems
Brandão, Lincoln Cardoso; Coelho, Reginaldo Teixeira; Malavolta, Alexandre Tácito

 ·  Die profile design for tube extrusion and its experimental verification
Pathak, K. K.; Lomash, S.; Jha, A. K.

 ·  On-line planning of nonholonomic mobile manipulators based on stability twist constraint
Yu, Leibin; Cao, Qixin; Li, Changyong; Qiu, Changwu

 ·  Effects of addition of iron (Fe) filings to green moulding sand on the microstructure of grey cast iron
Adedayo, Adeleke Victor

 ·  Investigation of the adjoint method in aerodynamic optimization using various shape parameterization techniques
Tashnizi, Ebrahim Sharifi; Taheri, Azadeh Akhavan; Hekmat, Mohamad Hamed

 ·  Identification of non-newtonian rheological parameter through an inverse formulation
Nascimento, Shirley C. C.; Naccache, Mônica F.; Rochinha, Fernando A.