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Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering
On-line version ISSN 1806-3691


Table of contents
J. Braz. Soc. Mech. Sci. & Eng. vol.32 no.3 Rio de Janeiro July/Sept. 2010

 Technical Papers
 ·  The performance of hydrogen-powered 4-stroke SI engine using locally designed fuel regulator
Yamin, Jehad Ahmad; Hamdan, Mohammad Ahmad

 ·  Analytical method for the kinetostatic analysis of the second-class RRR Assur group allowing for friction in the kinematic pairs
Durango, Sebastián; Calle, Gabriel; Ruiz, Oscar

 ·  Evaluation of 5-axis HSC dynamic behavior when milling TiAl6V4 blades
Gomes, Jefferson de Oliveira; Almeida Jr, Adelson Ribeiro de; Silva, Alex Sandro de Araújo; Souza, Guilherme Oliveira de; Nunes, Acson Machado

 ·  Effectiveness - NTU data and analysis for air conditioning and refrigeration air coils
Navarro, Hélio Aparecido; Cabezas-Gómez, Luben; Zoghbi Filho, João R. Bastos; Ribatski, Gherhardt; Saiz-Jabardo, José Maria

 ·  Study of monoethanolamine nitrate content reduction in explosive slurries
Carini, V. P.; Carvalho Jr, J. A.; Castro, J. N. C.; Bastos-Netto, D.

 ·  Analysis of tool wear, surface roughness and cutting power in the turning process of compact graphite irons with different titanium content
Rosa, Sílvia do Nascimento; Diniz, Anselmo Eduardo; Andrade, Cássio Luiz F.; Guesser, Wilson Luiz

 ·  Experimental and theoretical study of a telemetric dynamic torque meter
Lima Filho, Abel Cavalcante; Belo, Francisco Antônio; Santos, Jerry Lee Alves dos; Anjos, Eudisley Gomes dos

 ·  Stochastic dynamics of a drill-string with uncertain weight-on-hook
Ritto, T. G.; Soize, C.; Sampaio, Rubens

 ·  Density currents at steady regime
Barbosa, Alexandre Augusto; Mauad, Frederico Fábio; Sato, Carlos Eduardo; Silva, Ana Paula Moni

 ·  Verification of numerical solutions for reactive flows in a regeneratively cooled nozzle
Araki, Luciano Kiyoshi; Marchi, Carlos Henrique

 ·  Evolution of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model for predicting secondary dendrite arm spacing in aluminium alloy casting
Hanumantha Rao, D.; Tagore, G. R. N.; Ranga Janardhana, G.

 ·  A hybrid approach for estimating the drawbead restraining force in sheet metal forming
Duarte, E. N.; Oliveira, S. A. G.; Weyler, R.; Neamtu, L.

 ·  Finite element simulation of viscous fingering in miscible displacements at high mobility-ratios
Sesini, Paula A.; Souza, Denis A. F. de; Coutinho, Alvaro L. G. A.