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Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering
versão On-line ISSN 1806-3691


J. Braz. Soc. Mech. Sci. & Eng. vol.34 no.1 Rio de Janeiro jan./mar. 2012

 Technical Papers
 ·  Numerical prediction of bed-load and surface deformation on a granular bed sheared by a turbulent boundary-layer
Franklin, Erick de Moraes

 ·  A transformation of variables technique applicable to the boundary element method to simulate a special class of diffusive-advective potential problems
Dan, Markcilei Lima; Loeffler Neto, Carlos Friedrich; Mansur, Webe João

 ·  Laser beam welding tempered 300M ultrahigh mechanical strength steel
Carvalho, Sheila Medeiros de; Lima, Milton Sérgio Fernandes de

 ·  Determination of the relative position between grinding wheel and a cylindrical workpiece on a 7 axis grinding machine by acoustic emission
Weingaertner, Walter Lindolfo; Boaron, Adriano

 ·  Modeling and optimization of cylindrical grinding of Al/SiC composites using genetic algorithms
Thiagarajan, C.; Sivaramakrishnan, R.; Somasundaram, S.

 ·  Modelling and optimization of the surface roughness in the dry turning of the cold rolled alloyed steel using regression analysis
Tanikić, Dejan; Marinković, Velibor

 ·  Modelling and analysis of cutting force and surface roughness in milling operation using TSK-type fuzzy rules
Nandi, Arup Kumar

 ·  Geometrically non-linear analysis of inclined elastic rods subjected to self-weight
Vaz, Murilo Augusto; Castelpoggi, Felipe Sant'Ana

 ·  Finite element validation on adhesive joint for composite fuselage model
Mustapha, F.; Shahrjerdi, A.; Sim, N. W.

 ·  Application of design of experiments to plasma Arc Welding Process: a review
Prasad, K. Siva; Rao, Ch. Srinivasa; Rao, D. Nageswara

 ·  Implementation of acoustic materials to the VLS-1 Fairing - a sensitivity analysis using SEA
Pirk, Rogerio; Souto, Carlos d'Andrade

 ·  Dimensional analysis and empirical correlations for heat transfer and pressure drop in condensation and evaporation processes of flow inside micropipes: case study with carbon dioxide (CO2)
Alshqirate, Abed Alr zaq S.; Tarawneh, Mohammad; Hammad, Mahmoud

 ·  An edge-based unstructured mesh formulation for high speed tridimensional compressible flow simulation
Ventura, D. M.; Lyra, P. R. M.; Willmersdorf, R. B.; Silva, R. S.; Antunes, A. R. E.