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Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering
versão On-line ISSN 1806-3691


J. Braz. Soc. Mech. Sci. & Eng. vol.34 no.2 Rio de Janeiro abr./jun. 2012

 Technical Papers
 ·  Three-dimensional numerical modeling of RTM and LRTM processes
Isoldi, Liércio A.; Oliveira, Cristiano P.; Rocha, Luiz A. O.; Souza, Jeferson A.; Amico, Sandro C.

 ·  Comparison of spectral models in the computation of radiative heat transfer in participating media composed of gases and soot
Mossi, Anderson; Galarça, Marcelo M.; Brittes, Rogério; Vielmo, Horácio A.; França, Francis H. R.

 ·  A web service application to support distributed manufacturing
Schützer, Klaus; Moura, Antonio Álvaro de Assis; Anderl, Reiner; Mosch, Christian

 ·  Stability analysis of carbon nanotubes based on a novel beam model and its comparison with Sanders shell model and molecular dynamics simulations
Hosseini-Ara, R.; Mirdamadi, H. R.; Khademyzadeh, H.; Mostolizadeh, R.

 ·  The influence of contact stress distribution and specific film thickness on the wear of spur gears during pitting tests
Muraro, Marco Antonio; Koda, Fábio; Reisdorfer Jr., Urbano; Silva, Carlos Henrique da

 ·  Statistical analysis of acoustic emission signals generated during turning of a metal matrix composite
Mukhopadhyay, C. K.; Jayakumar, T.; Raj, Baldev; Venugopal, S.

 ·  Dynamics of gas bubble growth in oil-refrigerant mixtures under isothermal depressurization
Dias, João Paulo; Barbosa Jr., Jader R.; Prata, Alvaro T.

 ·  Numerical experimental comparison of dam break flows with non-Newtonian fluids
Minussi, Roberta Brondani; Maciel, Geraldo de Freitas

 ·  Emission factor of single pellet cake seed Jatropha curcas in a fix bed reactor
Pambudi, N. Agung; Torii, Shuichi; Syamsiro, M.; Saptoadi, Harwin; Gandidi, Indra Mamad

 ·  Evaluation of radiances generated by solving the radiative-transfer equation with different approaches
Chalhoub, Ezzat Selim; Campos Velho, Haroldo F. de; Silva Neto, Antônio José da

 ·  Application of H theory to a 6 DOF flight simulator motion base
Becerra-Vargas, Mauricio; Morgado Belo, Eduardo

 ·  Prediction of the temperature distribution of partially submersed umbilical cables
Krieger, Guenther Carlos; Yanagihara, Jurandir Itizo

 ·  A procedure for the parametric identification of viscoelastic dampers accounting for preload
Lépore Neto, Francisco Paulo; Santos, Marcelo Braga dos

 ·  Approximate expressions for the reflection coefficient of ducts terminated by circular flanges
Silva, Andrey R. Da; Mareze, Paulo Henrique; Lenzi, Arcanjo