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Ambiente Construído
On-line version ISSN 1678-8621


Table of contents
Ambient. constr. (Online) vol.10 no.4 Porto Alegre Oct./Dec. 2010

 ·  Heat transfer analysis in walls composed by different materials
Specht, Luciano Pivoto; Borges, Pedro Augusto Pereira; Rupp, Ricardo Forgiarini; Varnier, Rosane

 ·  Estimation of field thermo-physical using heat and moisture transfer models
Ordenes, Martin; Guths, Saulo; Lamberts, Roberto

 ·  Methods for applying computer simulation in naturally ventilated building in hot-humid climate
Trindade, Sileno Cirne; Pedrini, Aldomar; Duarte, Raimundo Nonato Calazans

 ·  The relevance of air velocity limits for thermal comfort purposes in hot-humid climates
Candido, Christhina; Lamberts, Roberto; Bittencourt, Leonardo; Dear, Richard de

 ·  Evaluation of thermal comfort in surgical environments using Fanger's method and equivalent temperatures
Felix, Victor Barbosa; Moura, Danilo de; Pereira, Marcelo Luiz; Tribess, Arlindo

 ·  Cross comparison between laboratorial research and field research in thermal comfort in outdoor urban spaces
Monteiro, Leonardo Marques; Alucci, Márcia Peinado

 ·  Thermal comfort offered by certain tree species: evaluation of the radius of influence through different comfort indices
Abreu, Loyde Vieira; Labaki, Lucila Chebel

 ·  Urban forest structure and Thermal Comfort in "OASIS cities" of arid zones
Correa, Erica Norma; Ruiz, María Angélica; Cantón, María Alicia

 ·  Integrated computational simulation for the consideration of daylight in the energy performance evaluation of buildings
Didoné, Evelise Leite; Pereira, Fernando Oscar Ruttkay

 ·  Sky view factor and urban heat islands intensity at the pedestrian level
Souza, Lea Cristina Lucas de; Tente, Cezar Mecozzi; Giunta, Mariene Benutti; Nakata, Camila Mayumi

 ·  Acoustic performance of ceramic brick and block walls: a comparative study between Brazil and Portugal
Ferreira Neto, Maria de Fatima; Bertoli, Stelamaris Rolla

 ·  Guidelines for designers selection and evaluation of the design service from the building developer point of view
Paula, Nathália de; Novaes, Celso Carlos

 ·  Technical guidelines for establishing limits for building on the beach
Nascimento, Flávio Campos do; Lima, José Júlio Ferreira

 ·  Sizing rainwater harvesting reservoirs: a comparison between methods of ABNT NBR 15527:2007 and of Municipal Decree 293/2006 from the city of Curitiba, PR
Bezerra, Stella Maris da Cruz; Christan, Priscila de; Teixeira, Celimar Azambuja; Farahbakhsh, Khosrow

 ·  Accelerated carbonation in the early ages of cellulose pulps reinforced cement composites
Almeida, Alessandra Etuko Feuzicana de Souza; Tonoli, Gustavo Henrique Denzin; Santos, Sergio Francisco dos; Savastano Junior, Holmer

 ·  Analysis of sandwich structures: design parameters
Gagliardo, Debora Pierini; Mascia, Nilson Tadeu

 ·  Boards made of bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris Schrad) particles and castor oil-based polyurethane resin
José, Flávio Januário; Beraldo, Antonio Ludovico