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Ambiente Construído
On-line version ISSN 1678-8621


Table of contents
Ambient. constr. vol.12 no.1 Porto Alegre Jan./Mar. 2012

 ·  Outdoor comfort study in a region with temperate climate: the case of Glasgow, UK
Krüger, Eduardo Leite; Drach, Patricia Regina Chaves; Emmanuel, Rohinton; Corbella, Oscar Daniel

 ·  Thermal comfort in public open spaces: studies in pedestrian streets in Sao Paulo state, Brazil
Labaki, Lucila Chebel; Fontes, Maria Solange Gurgel de Castro; Bueno-Bartholomei, Carolina Lotufo; Dacanal, Cristiane

 ·  Definition of thermal comfort and discomfort ranges for open spaces in Curitiba, PR, with the UCTI index
Rossi, Francine Aidie; Krüger, Eduardo Leite; Bröde, Peter

 ·  Adaptative comfort model for on-site evaluation of urban open spaces
Monteiro, Leonardo Marques; Alucci, Marcia Peinado

 ·  From thermal boredom to thermal pleasure: a brief literature review
Candido, Christhina; Dear, Richard de

 ·  Thermal comfort analysis in classrooms: comparison between technical data and occupants' perception
Ochoa, Juliana Herlemann; Araújo, Daniel Lima; Sattler, Miguel Aloysio

 ·  Analisys of local thermal discomfort in surgical environments with the use of mannequins, measurement of environmental variables and subjective evaluation
Felix, Victor Barbosa; Pereira, Marcelo Luiz; Moura, Danilo de; Tribess, Arlindo

 ·  How reliable are small-scale physical models in the evaluation of daylight in buildings?
Pereira, Fernando Oscar Ruttkay; Pereira, Roberto Carlos; Castaño, Alexander González

 ·  The influence of the incidence angle on the heat gains through transparent materials
Santos, Joaquim Pizzutti dos; Roriz, Maurício

 ·  Models for predicting the reduction of energy consumption in buildings using daylighting through a multivariate linear regression and artificial neural networks
Fonseca, Raphaela Walger da; Didoné, Evelise Leite; Pereira, Fernando Oscar Ruttkay

 ·  Procedures for estimating the potential use of solar chimneys for natural ventilation enhancement in low-rise buildings
Neves, Leticia de Oliveira; Roriz, Maurício

 ·  The relationship between acoustic attributes and architectural features of a concert hall applying the synthesis of form method
Takahashi, Vanessa Fátima de Medeiros; Bertoli, Stelamaris Rolla

 ·  Methodology for evaluating the sustainability of social interest houses with focus on design
Carvalho, Michele Tereza Marques; Sposto, Rosa Maria

 ·  Solar protections in the brazilian regulation on the energy efficiency of commercial, service and public buildings
Santos, Iara Gonçalves dos; Souza, Roberta Vieira Gonçalves de

 ·  Modeling the execution time of construction projects: case study at the Federal University of Pará
Coutinho, Lêda Sílvia de Aguiar Lédo; Duarte, André Augusto Azevedo Montenegro; Neves, Renato Martins das; Coutinho Neto, Benedito; Maneschy, Carlos Edilson de Almeida; Pinheiro, Ana Maria Guerra Seráfico

 ·  Comparative analysis of the properties of composite mortar with addition of rubber powder from worn tires
Canova, José Aparecido; Bergamasco, Rosangela; Angelis Neto, Generoso de; Gleize, Philippe Jean Paul