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Cadernos EBAPE.BR
On-line version ISSN 1679-3951


Table of contents
Cad. EBAPE.BR vol.10 no.3 Rio de Janeiro Sept. 2012

Guedes, Ana Lucia

 ·  Planetary boundaries, Rio+20 and the role of Brazil
Viola, Eduardo; Franchini, Matías

 ·  "Rio +20: what we can learn from the process and what is missing"
Oliveira, Jose A. Puppim de

 ·  Sustainable development in Rio+20: discourses, advances, regressions and new prospects
Guimarães, Roberto; Fontoura, Yuna

 ·  The Amazon at Rio+20: the discussions on forests in the international arena and their role at Rio+20
Bezerra, Joana

 ·  From sustainable development to green economy: the constant and accelerated onslaught of capital on nature
Misoczky, Maria Ceci; Böhm, Steffen

 ·  For a critique of the concept of sustainable development
Vizeu, Fabio; Meneghetti, Francis Kanashiro; Seifert, Rene Eugenio

 ·  Policies on the Earth: is there a new environmental discourse after the Rio +20?
Wenceslau, Juliana; Antezana, Natalia Latino; Calmon, Paulo du Pin

 ·  Social technologies: the non governmental organizations facing climate change and promoting human development
Ventura, Andréa Cardoso; Fernandez García, Luz; Andrade, José Célio Silveira

 ·  Innovation and sustainability in energy production: the case of wind power generating system in Brazil
Nascimento, Thiago Cavalcante; Mendonça, Andréa Torres Barros Batinga de; Cunha, Sieglinde Kindl da

 ·  Environmentally sustainable innovation and success factors in the perception of managers from the manufacturing industry
Medeiros, Janine Fleith de; Ribeiro, José Luis Duarte; Cruz, Cassiana Maris Lima

 ·  Everyday evidence of consumption resistance as individual practices in search of sustainable development
Kraemer, Fernanda; Silveira, Teniza da; Rossi, Carlos Alberto Vargas

 ·  Institutional framework for sustainable development: the role of developing countries based on a critical discourse analysis of Rio+20
Melo, Paulo Thiago Nunes Bezerra de; Salles, Helena Kuerten de; van Bellen, Hans Michael

 ·  Global environmental governance: actors and scenarios
Lorenzetti, Julia Vaz; Carrion, Rosinha Machado

 ·  From economism to the dialogical: the contributions of the paradigm of deep ecology and the notion of social management in the theme of corporate sustainability
Justen, Carlos Eduardo; Moretto Neto, Luís

 ·  Energy challenges in Brazil: regulatory overview of the production and marketing of biodiesel
Braga, Cintia Freire Garcia Vieira; Braga, Lamartine Vieira

 ·  The collector of recyclable materials: an environmental agent
Ferraz, Lucimare; Gomes, Mara Helena de Andrea; Busato, Maria Assunta

 ·  Echoless voices from Brazil's Northeast: constructs of resistance against environmental degradation
Sena, Augusto Marcos Carvalho de; Matos, Fátima Regina Ney