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Brazilian Journal of Oceanography
On-line version ISSN 1982-436X


Table of contents
Braz. j. oceanogr. vol.52 no.3-4 São Paulo Sept./Dec. 2004

 Research Articles
 ·  A microcosm approach on the potential effects of the vertical mixing of water masses over the primary productivity and phytoplankton biomass in the southern Brazilian coastal region
Saldanha-Corrêa, Flávia Marisa Prado; Gianesella, Sônia Maria Flores

 ·  Dynamics of microalgal communities in the water-column/sediment interface of the inner shelf off Parana State, Southern Brazil
Queiroz, Ricardo Luiz; Brandini, Frederico Pereira; Pellizzari, Franciane Maria

 ·  Growth parameters estimates of Maurolicus stehmanni Parin & Kobyliansky 1996 (Teleostei, Sternoptichydae) from south and southeastern Brazilian waters
Bellucco, Andre; Hara, Ana; Almeida, Eduardo Machado; Rossi-Wongtschowski, Carmen Lucia Del Bianco

 ·  Community structure and carbonate production of a temperate rhodolith bank from Arvoredo Island, southern Brazil
Gherardi, Douglas F. M.

 ·  The collapse of the scallop Euvola ziczac (Linnaeus, 1758) (Bivalvia: Pectinidae) fishery in Brazil: changes in distribution and relative abundance after 23 years of exploitation
Pezzuto, Paulo Ricardo; Borzone, Carlos Alberto

 ·  On the determination of a conversion factor from labelled thymidine incorporation by bacteria to cell production in a sub-tropical estuary: preliminary results
Barrera-Alba, José Juan; Gianesella, Sônia Maria Flores; Saldanha-Corrêa, Flávia Marisa Prado; Moser, Gleyci Aparecida Oliveira

 ·  A comparison of the retention capability among three different glass-fiber filters used for chlorophyll-a determinations
Saldanha-Corrêa, Flávia M. P.; Gianesella, Sônia M. F.; Barrera-Alba, José Juan

 ·  A short note on the catch composition and weight-length relationship of tunas, billfishes and sharks of north Brazil
Asano-Filho, Mutsuo; Holanda, Francisco Carlos Alberto Fonteles; Santos, Francisco José da Silva; Lucena, Flávia; Pantaleão, Gisele de Sousa Lima