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Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física
On-line version ISSN 1806-9126


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Ensino Fís. vol.28 no.4 São Paulo  2006

 Artigos Gerais
 ·  Using antimatter in modern medicine
Machado, A.C.B.; Pleitez, V.; Tijero, M.C.

 ·  Parametric perturbation in quantum mechanics
Ferreira, G.F. Leal; Costa, Rogerio C.T. da

 ·  A recurrent problem in geometrical optics: a not perceived image discontinuity at the magnifying glass
Silveira, Fernando Lang da; Axt, Rolando

 ·  The physics of mechanical oscillations in musical instruments: example of berimbau
Kandus, Alejandra; Gutmann, Friedrich Wolfgang; Castilho, Caio Mário Castro de

 ·  The Busch helical method and the determination of the horizontal component of Earth's magnetic field
Cavalcante, Marisa Almeida; Dias, Eliane Fernanda

 ·  A very short introduction to the concise geometric algebra of the electromagnetism
Ferreira, G.F. Leal

 ·  CAD experiments for teaching electrostatic
Nogueira, Antônio Flavio Licarião

 ·  Investigation of model building in the study of a physics issue using a qualitative computer model environment
Gomes, Thiéberson; Ferracioli, Laércio

 Pesquisa em Ensino de Física
 ·  Possible tokens of operational invariants presented by students regarding concepts of thermodynamics
Grings, Edi Terezinha de Oliveira; Caballero, Concesa; Moreira, Marco Antonio

 ·  Construction of concepts of modern physics and on the nature of science with the support of hypermedia
Machado, D.I.; Nardi, R.

 ·  Computational modelling and simulation activities to help the meaningful learning of electricity basic concepts: part I - simple electric circuits
Dorneles, Pedro F.T.; Araujo, Ives S.; Veit, Eliane A.

 ·  An interpretation for difficulties faced by the students in a physics laboratory
Marineli, Fábio; Pacca, Jesuína Lopes de Almeida

 ·  Construction of semiconductor physics meanings in secondary school: basis and results of a research
García Carmona, Antonio

 História da Física e Ciências Afins
 ·  A remark about the relationship between relativity theory and idealistic philosophy
Gödel, Kurt

 ·  Gödel works and the named exact sciences: to honor centenary of the birth of Kurt Gödel
D'Alkaine, C.V.

 ·  Gödel and Einstein: what if time does not withstand a friendship?
Dahmen, Sílvio R.

 ·  The fundamental principles of physics and the history of physics
Baptista, José Plínio

 Notas e Discussões
 ·  Build-up and characterization of a photoelectric cell for didactic purposes
Rocha Filho, João Bernardes da; Salami, Marcos Alfredo; Hillebrand, Vicente

 ·  Wavelet transform: a necessity
Bolzan, Maurício José Alves