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Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física
versión impresa ISSN 1806-1117


Tabla de contenido
Rev. Bras. Ensino Fís. vol.33 no.2 São Paulo abr./jun. 2011

 Carta do Editor
 ·  Sobre a Aguaxima e outras peculiaridades da Flora Brasiliensis
Dahmen, Sílvio R.

 Artigos Gerais
 ·  The influence of the drag force on the safety domain
Pascoal, F.; Castro, E.A. y; Rosa, F.S.S.

 ·  Alfvén Waves in interplanetary space
Costa Jr., E.; Cardoso, F.R.; Simões Jr., F.J.R.; Alves, M.V.

 ·  On type A and type B uncertainties and its propagation without derivatives: a contribution to incorporate contemporary metrology to Physics' laboratories in higher education
Lima Junior, Paulo; Silveira, Fernando Lang da

 ·  Single camera 3D
Lunazzi, José J.

 ·  Study of quantum gases in an optical lattice using variational approximation
Nascimento, V.A.

 ·  Differential geometry of curves and single particle dynamics
Pereira Jr., Antônio Duarte; Lemos, Nivaldo A.

 ·  Transient Analysis of tension waves in both extremes of a quarter wavelength line and analogy with reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves
Callegari, F.A.

 ·  The misconception of the use of the particle concept in calculation of work of friction force
Nelson, Osman Rosso; Carneiro Filho, Ranilson

 ·  Building and testing of a bench to measure the performance of wind generators in scale
Rocha, P.A.C.; Carneiro, F.O.; Lopes, A.S.; Maia, I.A.; Modolo, A.B.

 ·  Variable mass dynamic: hanging chain in Atwood machine
Sismanoglu, B.N.; Caetano, R.F.; Germano, J.S.E.; Rezende, M.V.O.; Hoyer, Y.D.

 ·  Analysis of the astronomical concepts presented by teachers of some state schools
Gonzaga, Edson Pereira; Voelzke, Marcos Rincon

 ·  Computational solution of the cubic cavity problem using the tridimensional Navier-Stokes equations
Vasata, Darlon; Galante, Guilherme; Rizzi, Rogério Luis; Zara, Reginaldo A.

 ·  The GPS: connecting science and technology in physics classes
Zanotta, Daniel Capella; Cappelletto, Eliane; Matsuoka, Marcelo Tomio

 ·  Motion of a particle in a pseudo-harmonic potential
Bessa, Vagner H.L.; Matos, J. Maurício; Guedes, Ilde

 História da Física e Ciências Afins
 ·  Liquefaction of gases and discovery of superconductivity: two very closely scientific achievements in low temperature physics
Reif-Acherman, Simón

 ·  Aristotle's spheres, Ptolemy's circles and Duhem's instrumentalism
Barros-Pereira, Humberto Antonio de

 ·  The role of nuclear emulsion in the institutionalization of experimental physics in Brazil
Vieira, Cássio Leite; Videira, Antonio A.P.

 ·  The Stern-Gerlach experiment and the electron spin: a quasi history example
Gomes, Gerson G.; Pietrocola, Maurício

 Notas e Discussões
 ·  Gauss's law, infinite homogenous charge distributions and Helmholtz theorem
Tort, A.C.