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Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física
On-line version ISSN 1806-9126


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Ensino Fís. vol.33 no.4 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2011

 Artigos Gerais
 ·  Solar wind and geomagnetic activity
Costa Jr., E.; Simões Jr., F.J.R.; Cardoso, F.R.; Alves, M.V.

 ·  Fractional order calculus: historical apologia, basic concepts and some applications
David, S.A.; Linares, J.L.; Pallone, E.M.J.A.

 ·  Quantum information theory: non-cloning, entanglement and teleportation
Piqueira, José Roberto Castilho

 ·  Re-evaluation and recall of concepts of the general mechanics with geometric and/or graphic analysis: line of action of a force. Part I
Barbieri, P.F.

 ·  Re-evaluation and recall of concepts of the general mechanics with geometric and/or graphics analysis: simple machines - Part II
Barbieri, P.F.

 ·  Wave propagation in a non-uniform string
Dall'Agnol, Fernando Fuzinatto

 ·  Variable mass harmonic oscillator and the Newton's second law
Correa, Eberth; Ortiz, J.S. Espinoza; Valério, Mauro; Dutra, Jomhara

 ·  The problem of simultaneity in off-side law of football
Delfim, T.F.; Jesus, V.L.B. de

 ·  The magic blower: a discrepant experiment in the learning of the Bernoulli's Law of hydrodynamic pressure
Barbosa, Luis H.; Mora, Cesar E.; Talero, Paco H.; Organista, Jose O.

 ·  Saline oscillator as a teaching experiment
Lama, Lucas S. del; Mulato, Marcelo

 ·  Study of the damping of a simple pendulum: a purpose for teaching laboratory
Arnold, Francisco José; Arthur, Rangel; Bravo-Roger, Leonardo Lorenzo; Gonçalves, Marcos Sérgio; Oliveira, Mário José Garrido de

 ·  Scattering and bound states by localized potentials
Castro, A.S. de

 Pesquisa em Ensino de Física
 ·  Physics teaching in the initial grades of elementary school in the rede municipal de ensino do Recife by their teachers
Rodrigues, Micaías Andrade; Teixeira, Francimar Martins

 ·  Physics and painting: dimensions of a relation and its potential for teaching physics
Gomes, Tiago Carneiro; Giorgi, Cristiano Amaral Garboggini Di; Raboni, Paulo César de Almeida

 ·  Brownian motion: a proposal of using new technologies in Physics teaching
Figueira, Jalves S.

 Desenvolvimento em Ensino de Física
 ·  The effect of formative assessment in Brazilian university physics courses
Cruz, Émerson; Dias, Hélio; Kortemeyer, Gerd

 ·  Using a voltmeter to measure time
Hessel, Roberto; Perinotto, Ângelo C.

 ·  Physics with Arduino for beginners
Cavalcante, Marisa Almeida; Tavolaro, Cristiane Rodrigues Caetano; Molisani, Elio

 História da Física e Ciências Afins
 ·  The large electron model: the classical background of Compton effect
Silva, Indianara; Freire Junior, Olival; Silva, Ana Paula Bispo da

 ·  Studies on the temperature dependence of electric conductivity for metals in the Nineteenth Century: a neglected chapter in the history of superconductivity
Reif-Acherman, Simón

 ·  Islamic astronomy between Ptolemy and Copernicus: Maraghah Tradition
Barros-Pereira, Humberto Antonio de

 Notas e Discussões
 ·  Vacuum free electron measurements and Fermi-Dirac statistics
Lüdke, Everton

 ·  Note on the classical solutions of Friedmann's equation
Viglioni, Arthur; Soares, Domingos