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Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia
On-line version ISSN 1806-3756


Table of contents
J. bras. pneumol. vol.36 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Feb. 2010

 ·  Classification of journals in the QUALIS System of CAPES: URGENT need of changing the criteria!

 ·  Prevalence of smoking in Brazil: additional measures for smoking control should be a priority in the Year of the Lung
Godoy, Irma

 ·  Diffuse lung diseases and HRCT: limitations of radiologists
Escuissato, Dante Luiz

 Original Articles
 ·  Development and validation of an asthma knowledge questionnaire for use in Brazil
Borges, Marcos Carvalho; Ferraz, Érica; Pontes, Sílvia Maria Romão; Cetlin, Andrea de Cássia Vernier Antunes; Caldeira, Roseane Durães; Silva, Cristiane Soncino da; Araújo, Ana Carla Sousa; Vianna, Elcio Oliveira

 ·  Pharmaceutical care for patients with persistent asthma: assessment of treatment compliance and use of inhaled medications
Santos, Daiane de Oliveira; Martins, Maria Cleusa; Cipriano, Sonia Lucena; Pinto, Regina Maria Carvalho; Cukier, Alberto; Stelmach, Rafael

 ·  Serum total IgE levels and total eosinophil counts: relationship with treatment response in patients with acute asthma
Razi, Ebrahim; Moosavi, Gholam Abbass

 ·  Observer agreement in the diagnosis of interstitial lung diseases based on HRCT scans
Antunes, Viviane Baptista; Meirelles, Gustavo de Souza Portes; Jasinowodolinski, Dany; Pereira, Carlos Alberto de Castro; Verrastro, Carlos Gustavo Yuji; Torlai, Fabíola Goda; D'Ippolito, Giuseppe

 ·  Gender differences in predictors of health status in patients with COPD
Ferrari, Renata; Tanni, Suzana Erico; Lucheta, Paulo Adolfo; Faganello, Márcia Maria; Amaral, Renata Antonialli Ferreira do; Godoy, Irma

 ·  The role of the FEF50%/0.5FVC ratio in the diagnosis of obstructive lung diseases
Rodrigues, Marcelo Tadday; Fiterman-Molinari, Daniel; Barreto, Sérgio Saldanha Menna; Fiterman, Jussara

 ·  Morphological prognostic factors in nosocomial pneumonia: an autopsy study
Martinelli, Luiz Mário Baptista; Boas, Paulo José Fortes Villas; Queluz, Thais Thomaz; Yoo, Hugo Hyung Bok

 ·  Correlation between inflammatory mediators in the nasopharyngeal secretion and in the serum of children with lower respiratory tract infection caused by respiratory syncytial virus and disease severity
Vieira, Renata Amato; Diniz, Edna Maria de Albuquerque; Ceccon, Maria Esther Jurfest Rivero

 ·  Clinical characteristics and quality of life of smokers at a referral center for smoking cessation
Castro, Márcia Regina Pizzo de; Matsuo, Tiemi; Nunes, Sandra Odebrecht Vargas

 ·  Prevalence of smoking among adults residing in the Federal District of Brasília and in the state capitals of Brazil, 2008
Malta, Deborah Carvalho; Moura, Erly Catarina; Silva, Sara Araújo; Oliveira, Patrícia Pereira Vasconcelos de; Silva, Vera Luiza da Costa e

 ·  Early versus late tracheostomy in patients with acute severe brain injury
Pinheiro, Bruno do Valle; Tostes, Rodrigo de Oliveira; Brum, Carolina Ito; Carvalho, Erich Vidal; Pinto, Sérgio Paulo Santos; Oliveira, Júlio César Abreu de

 ·  Efficacy of the scoring system, recommended by the Brazilian National Ministry of Health, for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in children and adolescents, regardless of their HIV status
Pedrozo, Cinthia; Sant'Anna, Clemax Couto; March, Maria de Fátima B. Pombo; Lucena, Sheila Cunha

 Special Article
 ·  Illustrated Brazilian consensus of terms and fundamental patterns in chest CT scans
Silva, C. Isabela S.; Marchiori, Edson; Souza Júnior, Arthur Soares; Müller, Nestor L.

 Review Articles
 ·  Allergic rhinitis: indicators of quality of life
Camelo-Nunes, Inês Cristina; Solé, Dirceu

 Continuing Education Course
 ·  Chapter 7 - Zygomycosis
Severo, Cecília Bittencourt; Guazzelli, Luciana Silva; Severo, Luiz Carlos

 ·  Chapter 8 - Fungal infections in immunocompromised patients
Silva, Rodney Frare e

 Case Reports
 ·  Hard metal pneumoconiosis with spontaneous bilateral pneumothorax
Moreira, Maria Auxiliadora Carmo; Cardoso, Amanda da Rocha Oliveira; Silva, Daniela Graner Schuwartz Tannus; Queiroz, Maria Conceição de Castro Antonelli Monteiro de; Oliveira, Albino Alegro; Noleto, Tiago Marinho Almeida

 ·  Tracheal lipoma mimicking obstructive lung disease
Mota, Vinícius Turano; Maia, José Geraldo Soares; Barbosa, Ana Teresa Fernandes; Fernandes, Diego Franco Silveira; Rocha, Emanuelly Botelho

 Letter to the Editor
 ·  New alternative test for Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex
Wiwanitkit, Viroj

 ·  Author`s reply
Telles, Maria Alice da Silva