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Computational & Applied Mathematics
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Table of contents
Comput. Appl. Math. vol.23 no.2-3 Petrópolis May/Dec. 2004

Murad, Márcio A.; Pereira, Felipe

Sources of uncertainty and error in the simulation of flow in porous media
Glimm, James; Hou, Shuling; Lee, Yoon-Ha; Sharp, David H.; Ye, Kenny

On stochastic modeling of groundwater flow and solute transport in multi-scale heterogeneous formations
Hu, Bill X.; Wu, Jichun; He, Changming

Stochastic analysis of two-phase immiscible flow in stratified porous media
Artus, Vincent; Furtado, Frederico; Noetinger, Benoît; Pereira, Felipe

Core-scale description of porous media dissolution during acid injection - Part I: theoretical development
Golfier, F.; Bazin, B.; Lenormand, R.; Quintard, M.

Modeling solute transport through unsaturated porous media using homogenization I
Mikelic, Andro; Rosier, Carole

Upscaled modeling in multiphase flow applications
Ginting, V.; Ewing, R.; Efendiev, Y.; Lazarov, R.

Fluid-solid mixtures and electrochemomechanics: the simplicity of Lagrangian mixture theory
Huyghe, Jacques M.; Van Loon, R.; Baaijens, F.T.P.

Size exclusion during particle suspension transport in porous media: stochastic and averaged equations
Santos, A.; Bedrikovetsky, P.

Homogenisation of magneto-elastic behaviour: from the grain to the macro scale
Daniel, Laurent; Hubert, Olivier; Billardon, René

Numerical homogenization of nonlinear viscoplastic two-dimensional polycrystals
Legoll, Frédéric

On a continuum theory of brittle materials with microstructure
Duda, Fernando Pereira; Souza, Angela Cristina Cardoso de

Modeling solid-solid phase transformations: from single crystal to polycrystal behavior
Albers, R.C.; Ahluwalia, R.; Lookman, T.; Saxena, A.

Finite element-based model for crack propagation in polycrystalline materials
Sukumar, N.; Srolovitz, D.J.

Macroscopic modeling of columnar dendritic solidification
Goyeau, B.; Bousquet-Melou, P.; Gobin, D.; Quintard, M.; Fichot, F.

Modeling and simulation of multi-component aerosol dynamics
Efendiev, Yalchin