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Computational & Applied Mathematics
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Table of contents
Comput. Appl. Math. vol.30 no.3 São Carlos  2011

Arithmetic fuchsian groups and space time block codes
Carvalho, E.D.; Andrade, A.A.; Palazzo Jr., R.; Vieira Filho, J.

A modified parametric iteration method for solving nonlinear second order BVPs
Ghorbani, Asghar; Gachpazan, Morteza; Saberi-Nadjafi, Jafar

On a nonstationary nonlinear coupled system
Li, Gang; Wang, Hui; Zhu, Jiang

Closed balls for interpolating quasi-polynomials
Wen, Jiajin; Cheng, Sui Sun

A smoothing Newton-type method for second-order cone programming problems based on a new smoothing Fischer-Burmeister function
Fang, Liang; Feng, Zengzhe

Block triangular preconditioner for static Maxwell equations
Wu, Shi-Liang; Huang, Ting-Zhu; Li, Liang

Solutions to the recurrence relation un+1 = vn+1 + un vn in terms of Bell polynomials
Withers, Christopher S.; Nadarajah, Saralees

The quotient of gamma functions by the psi function
Mortici, Cristinel

Differential transformation method for solving one-space-dimensional telegraph equation
Soltanalizadeh, B.

Operational Tau approximation for a general class of fractional integro-differential equations
Vanani, S. Karimi; Aminataei, A.

Weak Allee effect in a predator-prey system involving distributed delays
Tabares, Paulo C.C.; Ferreira, Jocirei D.; Rao, V. Sree Hari

Mimetic finite difference methods in image processing
Bazan, C.; Abouali, M.; Castillo, J.; Blomgren, P.