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Revista Brasileira de Educação Física e Esporte
On-line version ISSN 1981-4690


Table of contents
Rev. bras. educ. fís. esporte (Impr.) vol.25 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2011

Ugrinowitsch, Carlos; Corrêa, Umberto Cesar; Rubio, Kátia

Trends on the Brazilian research in Physical Education. Part 2: a view through the epistemological diversity in graduate programs
Rosa, Suely; Leta, Jacqueline

Reasons for the practice of ballroom dance in the curricular physical activity in schools
Shibukawai, Rodrigo Massami; Guimarães, Adriana Coutinho de Azevedo; Machado, Zênite; Soares, Amanda

Effects of cycling with the knees close to the bicycle frame on the lower limb muscle activation
Bini, Rodrigo Rico; Carpes, Felipe Pivetta; Diefenthaeler, Fernando

Practice schedule and ecological validity in the adaptive process of motor learning
Massigli, Marcela; Nunes, Marcelo Eduardo de Souza; Freudenheim, Andrea Michele; Corrêa, Umberto Cesar

Home advantage in the two main divisions of the Brazilian professional soccer
Almeida, Lucas Gomes de; Oliveira, Márcio Lopes de; Silva, Cristiano Diniz da

The role of folklore in the motivation for physical activity of elderly
Cardoso, Berta Leni Costa; Assumpção, Luis Otávio Teles

The sport and the school: the vision of physical education teachers from public
Marco Aurélio Gonçalves Nóbrega dos Santos; Nista-Piccolo, Vilma Lení

Relationship between pitch size and tactical behavior of soccer player
Costa, Israel Teoldo da; Garganta, Júlio; Grego, Pablo Juan; Mesquita, Isabel; Muller, Ezequiel

"From the outside": body and nature, fear and gender in surfing
Bandeira, Marília Martins; Rubio, Kátia

References values of motor development in children and adolescents: a mixed-longitudinal study of Cariri
Silva, Simonete; Beunen, Gaston; Maia, José

The effect of the exercises order on number of repetitions and rate of perceived effort in resistance trained men
Gil, Saulo; Roschel, Hamilton; Batista, Mauro; Ugrinowitsch, Carlos; Tricoli, Valmor; Barroso, Renato

Analysis of urban development practices related to leisure and cultural production from the national-developmentalist period to globalization
Almeida, Marco Antonio Bettine de; Gutierrez, Gustavo Luis

Familial aggregation on trunkal fat: a study with Portuguese families
Souza, Michele; Chaves, Raquel; Santos, Daniel; Fermino, Rogério; Garganta, Rui; Seabra, André; Maia, José

The athlete's image: advertising in World Cup's year (Germany - 2006)
Capraro, André Mendes; Scheliga, Grasielli; Cavicchioli, Fernando; Mezzadri, Fernando

Anthropometric and functional characteristics of optimist dinghy sailors
Oliveira, Liliam Fernandes de; Polato, Daniele; Alves, Rafael Bittencourt; Fraga, Suyanne; Macedo, Adriana Ribeiro de