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Clinics vol.65 no.6 São Paulo  2010

 ·  Clinics has an impact factor
Silva, Mauricio Rocha e

 Clinical Sciences
 ·  Dental approach in the pediatric oncology patient: characteristics of the population treated at the dentistry unit in a pediatric oncology brazilian teaching hospital
Carrillo, Camila; Vizeu, Heloisa; Soares-Júnior, Luis Alberto; Fava, Marcelo; Odone Filho, Vicente

 ·  Local lymphocytes and nitric oxide synthase in the uterine cervical stroma of patients with grade III cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
Silva, Cléber Sergio da; Michelin, Marcia Antoniazi; Etchebehere, Renata Margarida; Adad, Sheila Jorge; Murta, Eddie Fernando Candido

 ·  Is gender a predictive factor for satisfaction among patients undergoing sympathectomy to treat palmar hyperhidrosis?
Wolosker, Nelson; Munia, Marco Antonio Soares; Kauffman, Paulo; Campos, José Ribas Milanez de; Yazbek, Guilherme; Puech-Leão, Pedro

 ·  Norepinephrine remains increased in the six-minute walking test after heart transplantation
Guimarães, Guilherme Veiga; D' Avila, Veridiana; Bocchi, Edimar Alcides; Carvalho, Vitor Oliveira

 ·  The association between plasma D-dimer levels and community-acquired pneumonia
Arslan, Sulhattin; Ugurlu, Serdal; Bulut, Gokten; Akkurt, Ibrahim

 ·  Nutritional status is related to fat-free mass, exercise capacity and inspiratory strength in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients
Sabino, Pollyane Galinari; Silva, Bruno Moreira; Brunetto, Antonio Fernando

 ·  Glomerular filtration rate measured by 51Cr-EDTA clearance: evaluation of captopril-induced changes in hypertensive patients with and without renal artery stenosis
Chaves, Anna Alice Rolim; Buchpiguel, Carlos Alberto; Praxedes, Jose Nery; Bortolotto, Luiz Aparecido; Sapienza, Marcelo Tatit

 ·  Multilevel botulinum toxin type a as a treatment for spasticity in children with cerebral palsy: a retrospective study
Unlu, Ece; Cevikol, Alev; Bal, Burcu; Gonen, Emel; Celik, Ozlem; Kose, Gulşen

 Basic Research
 ·  A novel fluid resuscitation strategy modulates pulmonary transcription factor activation in a murine model of hemorrhagic shock
Costantini, Todd W.; Deree, Jessica; Martins, J.O.; Putnam, James G.; Campos, Tercio de; Coimbra, Raul

 ·  Antihyperlipidemic effect of peucedanum pastinacifolium extract in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
Movahedian, Ahmad; Zolfaghari, Behzad; Sajjadi, S. Ebrahim; Moknatjou, Reza

 Bringing Ideas Together
 ·  Possible links between intestinal permeablity and food processing: a potential therapeutic niche for glutamine
Rapin, Jean Robert; Wiernsperger, Nicolas

 Letters to the Editor
 ·  Reversible serum carcinoembriogenic antigen (CEA) elevation due to orlistat use: a case report
Fernandes, Gustavo dos Santos; Katz, Atur; Calabrich, Aknar; Hoff, Paulo M.

 ·  Distinctive tomographic abnormalities of the craniocervical region in a patient with osteogensis imperfecta type IV B
Kaissi, Ali Al; Klaushofer, Klaus; Grill, Franz

 ·  Regression of major recurrent aphthous ulcerations using a combination of intralesional corticosteroids and levamisole: a case report
Picciani, Bruna Lavinas Sayed; Silva-Junior, Geraldo Oliveira; Barbirato, Davi Silva; Ramos, Ruth Tramontani; Cantisano, Marilia Heffer