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Coluna/Columna vol.11 no.2 São Paulo Apr./June 2012

Sarramea, Horacio

 Original Articles
 ·  Subaxial cervical spine instability due to failure of posterior tension band: arthrodesis with Magerl technique. preliminary results in the short term
Quiroz, Javier; Laluf, Alejandro; Sisi, Tamara; Coombes, Nicolas; Manzone, Patricio

 ·  Results of a survey on the treatment of thoracic Scheuermann´s kyphosis
Silveri, Claudio; Cúneo, Alejandro; Silveri, Asdrúbal

 ·  360 degrees surgery in the treatment of high-grade lumbosacral spondylolisthesis: surgical technique only by posterior approach
Díaz, Salvador Mattar; Ojeda, David Nicolás Esmeral; Payamps, Francisco Basora

 ·  Risk factors for recurrent lumbar disc herniation
Segura, Angel Rodríguez; López, Enrique Medellín; Sosa, Roberto Chapa

 ·  Adjacent segment disease
Martin, Gustavo; Gille, Oliver; Vital, Jean Marc

 ·  Scoliosis and Prader-Willi syndrome: review of five cases treated surgically
Pedrals, Jose Grass; Marcuson, Karen Weissmann; Gallegos, Veronica Herrera

 ·  Postoperative distal decompensation (PDD) in lenke 1a curvatures treated with pedicular screws: analysis of 63 cases
Ventura, Norberto; Ey-Batlle, Anna; Vilalta, Imma; Alonso, Itziar

 ·  Lessons learned on cervical total disc replacement after 7-year follow-up
Coutinho, Thiago; Oliveira, Leonardo; Marchi, Luis; Amaral, Rodrigo; Castro, Carlos; Coutinho, Etevaldo; Pimenta, Luiz

 ·  Adult lumbosacral isthmic spondylolisthesis: laminectomy/arthrectomy and in situ fusion
Manzone, Patricio; Ihlenfeld, Claudia; Ávalos, Eduardo Mariño; Gemetro, José Felipe

 ·  Analysis of the behavior of the lumbar segment without spinal fusion in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with curvature of lenke type 1
Siderakis, Nicolás; Aguilar, Ariel; Dinelli, Dino; Lutzky, Lázaro; Reviriego, Juan; Escalada, María; Rositto, Gabriel; Legarreta, Carlos

 ·  Evaluation of the intersomatic fusion with TLIF technique and PEEK cages: is the dynamic X Ray useful for the diagnosis for intersomatic fusion in instrumented patients?
Ferrer, Alejandro; Demonti, Hernán; Fiorillo, Pablo

 ·  Evaluation of a new systematization of tests for the diagnosis of vertebral destruction syndrome
Aguirre, Armando Alpizar; Olivares, Luis Miguel Rosales; Bringas, Guadalupe Sánchez; Kalfopulos, Barón Zarate; García, Josue Giovanni Escutia; Sánchez, Alejandro Reyes

 ·  Comparative analysis in patients with pure degenerative lumbar stenosis (EDLP) and stenosis secundary to degenerative lumbar spondilolisthesis (ELDL) surgically treated between 2008-2011 at the Hospital Metropolitano, Quito, Ecuador
Torre, Sebas tián De la; Moyano, Jaime; Ahtty, Edison; Bilbao, Madelin

 ·  Spinopelvic fixation in Adults: selection criteria
Rüdt, Tomás; Zisuela, Roberto Gustavo; Kahl, Guillermo; Santi, Maximiliano

 ·  Clinical and radiological evaluation of patients treated with posterolateral vs circumferential arthrodesis in the lumbosacral spine: 10 years of experience
Barrera, Albaro; Chacón, José Gregorio; Vásconez, Pablo; García, Yaidelys

 ·  Clinical and radiologica outcomes in series of anterior cervical fusion with intersomatic cage and plate
Lalanne, Lyonel Beaulieu; Ocampo, Gonzalo Arriagada

 ·  Predictive value of electrical stimulation in cases of malposition of thoracic pedicle screws in spine surgery
García, Pedro Cortés; Pérez, Mario Herrera; Lorensu, Pedro Pérez; Rodríguez, Bernabé Déniz; Hernández, Patricia Sánchez; Rodrigo, Ángeles Ayala