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Revista Direito GV
Print version ISSN 1808-2432


STF jurisprudence in debate

Table of contents
Rev. direito GV vol.5 no.1 São Paulo Jan./June 2009

Editor's letter

Writing a novel, chapter one: precedents and decision process in the Brazilian Supreme Court
Vojvodic, Adriana de Moraes; Machado, Ana Mara França; Cardoso, Evorah Lusci Costa

How to take the Supremo Tribunal Federal (Brazilian Federal Supreme Court) seriously: on the suspension of advance claim rights' concession n. 91
Chueiri, Vera Karam de; Sampaio, Joanna Maria de Araújo

The Brazilian Supreme Court and the institutional design of the public authorities of the National Financial System: an ADIns' empirical study
Duran-Ferreira, Camila

The ability to pay principle in the decisions of the Brazilian Supreme Court
Pessôa, Leonel Cesarino

Real equality in Brazilian Supreme Court decisions
Rothenburg, Walter Claudius

The Brazilian Supreme Court and the compensation National System of Units of Natural Environment Conservation (SNUC): the ADIN 3.378-DF
Domingues, José Marcos

 ·  The hermeneutics philosophy for democratic jurisdiction: validating/applying the legal rule in present days
Nascimento, Valéria Ribas do

 ·  The predicability of moral damages lawsuits' results: a reflection based upon STJ' decisions in bank-consumer relations
Antunes, Júlia Caiuby de Azevedo

 Dossier Law and Development
 ·  Balanços e perspectivas
Rodriguez, José Rodrigo

 ·  The lessons of law and development studies
Tamanaha, Brian Z.

 ·  The relationship between law and development: optimists versus skeptics
Davis, Kevin E.; Trebilcock, Michael J.

 Book Review
 ·  Is publishing the same as perishing?
Carvalho, Leonardo Arquimimo de