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Revista Direito GV
Print version ISSN 1808-2432


Table of contents
Rev. direito GV vol.7 no.1 São Paulo Jan./June 2011

 Editor's Letter
 Nota do Editor
 Regulation and Brazilian Problems: Contemporary Themes
 ·  WTO dispute settlement: a sociolegal analysis from the Pierre Bourdieu's perspective
Costa, José Augusto Fontoura

 ·  The promising oil province of the pre-salt
Seabra, Alessandra Aloise de; Freitas, Gilberto Passos de; Polette, Marcus; Casillas, T. Ángel Del Valls

 ·  Corruption and judicial system: the (in)effectiveness of the judicial system against corruption
Alencar, Carlos Higino Ribeiro de; Gico Jr., Ivo

 ·  Financial activity and currency: analisys of the experience of “conjunto palmeiras” in Fortaleza-CE
Caminha, Uinie; Figueiredo, Monique

 ·  Rulemaking function of regulatory agencies: a new type of administrative law?
Guerra, Sérgio

 Contracts and Law
 ·  Contractual breaches and sentences dispersion
Rezende, Christiane Leles; Zylbersztajn, Decio

 ·  Contractual reciprocity: an expressivist analysis
Zanitelli, Leandro Martins

 Criminal Law and other themes
 ·  Case law regarding causal relationship between conduct and result to attribute criminal liability in brazilian state supreme courts
Ferreira, Luisa Moraes Abreu

 ·  Nina Rodrigues and the pathologization of crime in Brazil
Augusto, Cristiane Brandão; Ortega, Francisco

 ·  The principle of the universalization in Rawls and Habermas: a critical view
Lima, Luiz Antonio de Oliveira

 ·  Brazilian insertion in the international politics of ageing people human rights
Notari, Maria Helena de Aguiar; Fragoso, Maria Helena J. M. de Macedo

 ·  Adolescent internment by the court's point of view
Minahim, Maria Auxiliadora; Sposato, Karyna Batista

 ·  An accidental innovation case on punishment: the brazilian drug law
Pires, Alvaro P.; Cauchie, Jean-François

 Book Review
 ·  Bobbio, peace and the human rights
Salatini, Rafael

 ·  Doing up the development shoelace: the new global economy and the relevance of a judicial-institutional sketch nationally suitable
Schapiro, Mario Gomes