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Fisioterapia e Pesquisa
On-line version ISSN 2316-9117


Table of contents
Fisioter. Pesqui. vol.15 no.1 São Paulo  2008


 Original Research
 ·  Return to productivity after rehabilitation by walking patients, traumatic brain injury survivors
Silva, Cleuza Braga da; Brasil, Ana Beatriz S.; Bonilha, Daniel Bonucci; Masson, Luciana; Ferreira, Milene Silva

 ·  Global posture reeducation and static muscle stretching on improving flexibility, muscle strength, and range of motion: a comparative study
Rosário, José Luís Pimentel do; Sousa, Adriana de; Cabral, Cristina Maria Nunes; João, Silvia Maria Amado; Marques, Amélia Pasqual

 ·  Physical and organisational risk factors associated to work-related musculoskeletal disorders in textile industry
Melzer, Adriana Cristina de Souza

 ·  Effects of a hidrotherapy program on blood pressure and heart rate in elderly, sedentary women
Candeloro, Juliana Monteiro; Caromano, Fátima Aparecida

 ·  Should motor and visual components of a dual-task be associated or separated during training?
Voos, Mariana Callil; Pinheiro, Gisele Braga; Cicca, Luciana Olcerenko; Lázaro, Andréia; Valle, Luiz Eduardo Ribeiro do; Piemonte, Maria Elisa Pimentel

 ·  Comparative kinematic analysis during the stance phase of running in adults and elderly
Fukuchi, Reginaldo Kisho; Duarte, Marcos

 ·  Effect of different stretching durations on posterior thigh muscle flexibility
Tirloni, Ana Teresa; Belchior, Carulina Guimarães; Carvalho, Paulo de Tarso Camillo de; Reis, Filipe Abdalla dos

 ·  Effects of photodynamic therapy and of a sole low-power laser irradiation on bacteria in vitro
Benvindo, Rogério Gubert; Braun, Graziela; Carvalho, Alberito Rodrigo de; Bertolini, Gladson Ricardo Flor

 ·  Functional performance of children with myelomeningocele
Collange, Luanda André; Franco, Renata Calhes; Esteves, Roberta Nunes; Zanon-Collange, Nelci

 ·  Hand occupational injuries: cases in a rehabilitation centre
Souza, Mariana Angélica Peixoto; Cabral, Lúcia Helena de Assis; Sampaio, Rosana Ferreira; Mancini, Marisa Cotta

 ·  Effect of sustained respiratory care until hospital discharge on the incidence of pulmonary complications following esophagectomy for cancer
Lunardi, Adriana Claudia; Resende, Juliana Mantovani; Cerri, Olívia Maio; Carvalho, Celso Ricardo Fernandes de

 Case Report
 ·  Electromyographic activity of knee muscles in individuals with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction under different perturbations: case report
Cardoso, Jefferson Rosa; Prado, Artur Inacio; Iriya, Henrique Kiyoshi; Santos, Ana Beatriz de Almeida Noronha; Pereira, Hugo Maxwell

 ·  Effects of physical exercise during hemodialysis in patients with chronic renal insufficiency: a literature review
Moura, Regina Márcia Faria de; Silva, Fernanda Camila Ribeiro; Ribeiro, Gláucia Marise; Sousa, Lidiane Aparecida de

 ·  Main instruments for assessing temporomandibular disorders, part I: indices and questionnaires; a contribution to clinicians and researchers
Chaves, Thaís Cristina; Oliveira, Anamaria Siriani de; Grossi, Débora Bevilaqua

 ·  Main instruments for assessing temporomandibular disorders, part II: diagnostic criteria; a contribution to clinicians and researchers
Chaves, Thaís Cristina; Oliveira, Anamaria Siriani de; Grossi, Débora Bevilaqua