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Fisioterapia e Pesquisa
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Table of contents
Fisioter. Pesqui. vol.16 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2009


 Original Research
 ·  Comparison of fall risk between sedentary and active aged by means of the Berg balance scale
Pimentel, Renata Martins; Scheicher, Marcos Eduardo

 ·  Respiratory system adaptations relative to pulmonary function in response to a muscle stretching program using the Global Posture Reeducation method
Moreno, Marlene Aparecida; Catai, Aparecida Maria; Teodori, Rosana Macher; Borges, Bruno Luis Amoroso; Zuttin, Roberta Silva; Silva, Ester da

 ·  Massotherapy teaching: abilities involved in the therapist-patient relationship
Campos, Beatriz Calil Padis; Campos, Terezinha Calil Padis; Tanaka, Clarice; Caromano, Fátima Aparecida

 ·  Relationship between postural alignment and motor performance in children with cerebral palsy
Cunha, Andréa Baraldi; Polido, Graziela Jorge; Bella, Geruza Perlato; Garbellini, Daniela; Fornasari, Carlos Alberto

 ·  Biomechanical risks in sawmill worker postures
Oliveira, André Gustavo Soares de; Bakke, Hanne Alves; Alencar, Jerônimo Farias de

 ·  Epidemiological profile of stroke survivors registered at the health family strategy of Diamantina, MG
Leite, Hércules Ribeiro; Nunes, Ana Paula Nogueira; Corrêa, Clynton Lourenço

 ·  Effect of a functional physical therapy program on cerebral palsy children, associated to guidance for their caregivers: a preliminary study
Brianeze, Ana Carolina Gama e Silva; Cunha, Andréa Baraldi; Peviani, Sabrina Messa; Miranda, Vanessa Cristina Ribeiro; Tognetti, Virlaine Bardella Lopes; Rocha, Nelci Adriana Cicuto Ferreira; Tudella, Eloisa

 ·  Strategies for teaching postural habits to children: comic strips vs. practical experience
Rebolho, Marilia Christina Tenorio; Casarotto, Raquel Aparecida; João, Silvia Maria Amado

 ·  Effects of visual stimulus manipulation and of intention on postural oscillation of elderly women
Lopes, Andrei Guilherme; Razuk, Milena; Barela, José Angelo

 ·  Mechanical property analysis of the gastrocnemius muscle of rats immobilized and submitted to the russian current
Abdalla, Douglas Reis; Bertoncello, Dernival; Carvalho, Leonardo César

 ·  Physical and mental aspects in quality of life of idiopathic Parkinson disease patients
Christofoletti, Gustavo; Formiga, Cibelle Kayenne Martins Roberto; Borges, Guilherme; Stella, Florindo; Damasceno, Benito Pereira

 ·  Static frontal knee alignment and plantar loads during gait in healthy young adults
Sacco, Isabel C.N.; Trombini-Souza, Francis; Ribeiro, Ana Paula; Gomes, Aline A.; Roveri, Maria I.; Silva, Dominique R. M. V.; Cadamuro, Lina G.; Cagliari, Mariana F.; Souza, Priscila S.

 ·  Development of a multimedia tool for teaching bronchial hygiene
Silva, Cibele Cristine Berto Marques da; Carvalho, Sonia Lucia Pacheco de Toledo; Carvalho, Celso Ricardo Fernandes de

 ·  The social place of Brazilian physical therapists
Almeida, Ana Lúcia de Jesus; Guimarães, Raul Borges

 Case Report
 ·  Functional electrical stimulation for shoulder subluxation after chronic stroke: a case report
Corrêa, Juliana Barbosa; Borges, Heloise Cazangi; Lucareli, Paulo Roberto Garcia; Liebano, Richard Eloin