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Vibrant: Virtual Brazilian Anthropology
On-line version ISSN 1809-4341


Table of contents
Vibrant, Virtual Braz. Anthr. vol.8 no.2 Brasília July/Dec. 2011

Feminist letters
Corrêa, Mariza

Érase una vez en Taracuá...sobre el origen del mundo: tradición cristiana, teoría científica y pensamiento indígena
Santos, Gilton Mendes dos

Your ID, please? the Henry Gates vs. James Crowley event from an anthropological perspective
Peirano, Mariza

 Dossier Anthropology of Kinship
 ·  Dossier "anthropology and kinship" foreword
Silva, Márcio; Piscitelli, Adriana

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 ·  Compadrio in rural Brazil: structural analysis of a ritual institution
Arantes, Antonio A.

 ·  Perspectives théoriques dans l'étude de la famille, de l'enfance et de la parenté: un regard à partir de la comparaison entre adoption et P.M.A.
Allebrandt, Débora

 ·  Les coparentalités entre gays et lesbiennes en France: le point de vue des pères
Tarnovski, Flávio Luiz

 ·  The weave of kinship and the ever-mobile fishing village of Barra de Ararapira (Superagüi Island, Guaraqueçaba, Paraná, Brazil)
Bazzo, Juliane

 ·  "Making families" child mobility and familiar organization in Cape Verde
Lobo, Andréa

 ·  Kinship and differentialities: alternatives to identity and to ethnic frontiers in the study of migrations
Machado, Igor José de Renó

 ·  Weaving relatives: elopement and kinship in a southern Brazilian community
Caruso, Juliana P. Lima

 ·  Blood and other substances: new reproductive technologies and adoption in popular groups in southern Brazil
Nascimento, Pedro

 ·  Families, nations and generations in women's international migration
Scott, Parry

 ·  The de-kinning of birthmothers: reflections on maternity and being human
Fonseca, Claudia

 ·  Marriage between "close relatives" : considerations about kinship between the Guarani  Nhandéva on western Paraná
Santos, Jovane Gonçalves dos

 ·  From socio-politics to kinship dynamics among the Kaingang
Rocha, Cinthia Creatini da

 ·  Pós-dradiviano Sateré-Mawé: parentesco y rituales de afinabiliadad
Alvarez, Gabriel O.

 ·  Creating affinity: formal friendship and matrimonial alliances among the Jê people and the Apinaje case
Giraldin, Odair

 Déjà Lu
 ·  Kinship studies in Brazil
Laraia, Roque de Barros

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 Dossier Urban Anthropology
 ·  Foreword
Velho, Gilberto; Kuschnir, Karina

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 ·  Urban Narrators: Ruth Cardoso
Rocha, Ana Luiza Carvalho da; Eckert, Cornelia

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 ·  Urban Narrators: Eunice Durham
Rocha, Ana Luiza Carvalho da; Eckert, Cornelia

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 ·  Urban anthropology: interdisciplinarity and boundaries of knowledge
Velho, Gilberto

 ·  Brazilians in Lisbon: immigrant association and the meaning of urban spaces
Barreto, Alessandra Siqueira

 ·  Pioneers and entrepreneurs: bio/ethnographic notes towards an anthropology of urban growth
Moura, Cristina Patriota de

 ·  The experience of pregnancy: subjectivity and social relations
Rezende, Claudia Barcellos

 ·  Networks and territorialities: an ethnographic approach to the so-called cracolândia ["crackland"] in São Paulo
Frúgoli Jr, Heitor; Spaggiari, Enrico

 ·  Architecture inside out: urban transformations through the perception of demolition engineers
Goyena, Alberto

 ·  Drawing the city: a proposal for an ethnographic study in Rio de Janeiro
Kuschnir, Karina