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Alfa : Revista de Linguística (São José do Rio Preto)
On-line version ISSN 1981-5794


Table of contents
Alfa, rev. lingüíst. (São José Rio Preto) vol.55 no.2 São Paulo July/Dec. 2011

Berlinck, Rosane de Andrade; Longhin-Thomazi, Sanderléia Roberta

Discourse tradition and linguistic change in the pronominal forms of address in Brazilian portuguese: defining behavioural profiles in the beginning of the 20th century
Lopes, Célia Regina dos Santos

Linguistic change in two periods of the 20th century: interrelating apparent time analyses
Tavares, Maria Alice

(Inter)subjectivization of verb-derived discourse markers: instances of grammaticalization
Snichelotto, Cláudia Andrea Rost; Görski, Edair Maria

An specific approach to the semantico-cognitive relations in grammaticalization processes
Lopes-Damasio, Lúcia Regiane

Inherent aspect and past imperfective in Portuguese: action of the persistence and markedness principles
Freitag, Raquel Meister Ko.

Verb position in Classical Portuguese: evidences of a V2 system
Antonelli, André Luis

Statistical patterns of the embedding of the change from passive-se to indefinite-se in the history of portuguese
Cavalcante, Silvia Regina de Oliveira

Diglossia in times of change?the case of interpolation in Duarte Galvão, Pero Magalhães de Gandavo, Francisco de Holanda e Diogo do Couto
Namiuti-Temponi, Cristiane

Moraic estructure change from latin to portuguese
Costa, Evellyne Patrícia Figueiredo de Sousa

Comparing Tapajúna and Suyá consonants
Rodrigues, Cíntia Karla Coelho; Ferreira-Silva, Marília de Nazaré

A contribution to the linguistic history of the língua geral amazônica
Rodrigues, Aryon Dall'Igna; Cabral, Ana Suelly Arruda Câmara

The legacy of Greek in the Brazilian grammatical terminology
Neves, Maria Helena de Moura

The construction of linguistic norm in an 18th century Portuguese grammar
Leite, Marli Quadros