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Boletim do Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi. Ciências Humanas
On-line version ISSN 2178-2547


Table of contents
Bol. Mus. Para. Emílio Goeldi. Ciênc. hum. vol.7 no.1 Belém Jan./Apr. 2012

 Press Release
 ·  Museologia e Patrimônio
Sanjad, Nelson

        · press release in Portuguese
 Editor's Note
 Dossier Museology and Heritage
 ·  Museologia e patrimônio: uma introdução
Borges, Luiz Carlos; Campos, Marcio D'Olne; Rangel, Marcio Ferreira

 ·  Rethinking the total museum: from concept to practice
Scheiner, Tereza Cristina

 ·  Museology-Museum and heritage, patrimonialization and musealization: environment of communion
Lima, Diana Farjalla Correia

 ·  Is the ethnographic object indomitable? Some thoughts on new meanings and analysis
van Velthem, Lucia Hussak

 ·  The art museum facing the memory challenge
Roque, Maria Isabel Rocha

 ·  Museology and heritage in contemporary cities: a thesis on city management from the perspective of culture and memory preservation
Costa, Heloisa Helena Fernandes Gonçalves da

 ·  Museology and heritage: agreements and disagreements
Rangel, Marcio Ferreira

 ·  Symbolic courses of cultural objects: collecting, exhibition and the counter metaphor
Campos, Marcio D'Olne; Borges, Luiz Carlos

 ·  The amerindian perspectivism and the idea of an american aesthetics
Gomes, Denise Maria Cavalcante

 ·  Metaphor as aesthetic principle in the pre-hispanic art of the argentine northwest
Bovisio, María Alba

 ·  Cuckoos, ants, bees and the evolution of instincts
Ades, César

 ·  Documents for the history of the oldest Brazilian zoological park: the Goeldi Museum zoobotanical park
Sanjad, Nelson; Oren, David Conway; Silva Junior, José de Sousa e; Hoogmoed, Marinus Steven; Higuchi, Horácio

 Book reviews
 ·  Da freguesia de Ossela ao seringal Paraíso: a trajetória de um jovem imigrante português no mundo da borracha amazônica
Emmi, Marília Ferreira

 Thesis and Dissertations
 ·  Under the sign of modern cultivation: imperial state and agriculture in the Amazon
Nunes, Francivaldo Alves

 ·  Bases para o espírito: Ferreira Penna, ciência e educação na província do Grão-Pará (1866-1891)
Pena Duarte, Dércio