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Boletim do Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi. Ciências Humanas
On-line version ISSN 2178-2547


Table of contents
Bol. Mus. Para. Emílio Goeldi. Ciênc. hum. vol.7 no.2 Belém May/Aug. 2012

 Press Release
 ·  Agriculturas Amazônicas
Sanjad, Nelson

        · press release in Portuguese
 Editor's Note
 Dossier Amazonian Agricultures
 ·  Agriculturas amazônicas: cultivando plantas, saberes, paisagens e ideias
Robert, Pascale de; López, Claudia

 ·  Jodï horticultural belief, knowledge and practice: incipient or integral cultivation?
Zent, Stanford; Zent, Egleé

 ·  Beautiful gardens: agrobiodiversity Mebêngôkre-Kayapó in globalization times
Robert, Pascale de; López Garcés, Claudia; Laques, Anne-Elisabeth; Coelho-Ferreira, Márlia

 ·  Exchange, experimentation and preferences: a study on the dynamics of manioc diversity in the Middle Solimões, Amazonas
Lima, Deborah; Steward, Angela; Richers, Bárbara Trautman

 ·  Landscapes and ethno-knowledge in the Ticuna and Cocama agriculture at upper River Solimões, Amazonas, Brazil
Noda, Sandra do Nascimento; Martins, Ayrton Luiz Urizzi; Noda, Hiroshi; Silva, Antonia Ivanilce Castro da; Braga, Maria Dolores Souza

 ·  Ticuna traditional knowledge on chagra agriculture and innovative mechanisms for its protection
Acosta Muñoz, Luis Eduardo; Zoria Java, José

 ·  The 'special cassava flour': perception and processing of a smallholder agriculture product in the Juruá River valley, Acre
Velthem, Lucia Hussak van; Katz, Esther

 ·  The Brazilian Seed Law and its impacts on agrobiodiversity and on local and traditional agricultural systems
Santilli, Juliana

 ·  Hunting practices among the Awá-Guajá: towards a long-term analysis of sustainability in an Amazonian indigenous community
Prado, Helbert Medeiros; Forline, Louis Carlos; Kipnis, Renato

 ·  Confronting death: Tuvaluan Islanders, in the South Pacific, and the rising sea level
Madaleno, Isabel Maria

 ·  Kapiwayá repertoire and its place in a Desana clan music-coreographic-ritual universe, upper Rio Negro, Amazonas
Barros, Líliam Cristina da Silva

 ·  Interpretative possibilities and limitations of Saxe/Goldstein hypothesis
Strauss, André

 ·  Joseph Leidy between two paradigms of Paleontology
Faria, Felipe

 ·  The legacy of Darrell Posey: from ethnobiological research among the Kayapó to the protection of indigenous knowledge
López Garcés, Claudia Leonor; Robert, Pascale de

 ·  Darrell Posey: an engaged researcher
Gély, Anne

 ·  Nature and culture in Amazonian landscape: a photographic experience echoing Amerindian cosmology and historical ecology
Pardini, Patrick

 Book reviews
 ·  Batida de pé, différenciations et mélanges musico-chorégraphiques
Beaudet, Jean-Michel

        · text in French     · French (pdf) French (epdf)
 ·  Os Fulni-ô: múltiplos olhares em uma contribuição para o reconhecimento da sociodiversidade indígena no Brasil
Silva, Edson

 ·  A descoberta do ambiente biológico
Waizbort, Ricardo