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Sociedade & Natureza
On-line version ISSN 1982-4513


Table of contents
Soc. nat. (Online) vol.22 no.2 Uberlândia Aug. 2010


 ·  Barrier interference on Catú Estuarine hydrologic system - Ceará - NE - Brazil
Pinheiro, Lidriana de Souza; Morais, Jáder Onofre de

 ·  Geoenvironmental degradation in the peninsular river basin in Jharkhand, India
Jha, V. C.; Saha, S.

 ·  The interdisciplinary analysis in the Environmental Licensing Proceedings in Minas Gerais State: conflicts between old and new paradigms
Rodrigues, Gelze Serrat Souza Campos

 ·  Ecotourism in Puraquequara River: support for social inclusion and environmental protection
Oliveira, Fagno Tavares de; Silva, Ivan Crespo; Matos, Jackson Fernando Rego; Hara, Francisco Adilson dos Santos

 ·  The issue of urban solid waste in Tefé, Amazonas state, Brazil
Silva, Alexandre Donato da; Pinheiro, Eduardo da Silva

 ·  An approach to assess the sustainability for sugarcane expansion in Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil
Guimarães, Lucy Teixeira; Turetta, Ana Paula Dias; Coutinho, Heitor Luiz da Costa

 ·  Geology, geomorphology, pedology and land use in Puerto López (Colombia) and Uberlandia (Brazil) municipalities
Atehortúa, Maryory Rodríguez; Sanabria, Yolanda Rubiano; Brito, Jorge Luis Silva; Rodrigues, Silvio Carlos

 ·  The subordinated insertion of Brazil in the international division of labour: territorial consequences and perspectives in globalization times
Pereira, Mirlei Fachini Vicente

 ·  Analysis of the space-time variability and identification of rainfall pattern within the Tapecurá River basin, Pernambuco State
Silva, Richarde Marques da; Silva, Leonardo Pereira e; Montenegro, Suzana Maria Gico Lima; Santos, Celso Augusto Guimarães

 ·  Capital flexibilization within the Chico Mendes extractive reserve and its buffer zone: the chronometer entered the forest
Negret, Juan Felipe

 ·  Environmental vulnerability analysis of an urban forest fragment in Amazon: Sumaúma State Park
Cavalcante, Davi Grijó; Pinheiro, Eduardo da Silva; Macedo, Mariza Alves de; Martinot, Jan Feldmann; Nascimento, André Zumak Azevedo; Marques, Jenifer Pereira Castilho

 ·  Evaluation of environmental awareness level in hotel industry: an exploratory approach
Freitas, André Luís Policani; Almeida, Georgia Maria Mangueira de

 ·  Ecosystems of Brazil
Souza, Rosemeri Melo e