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Tropical Plant Pathology
Print version ISSN 1982-5676
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Table of contents
Trop. plant pathol. vol.34 no.4 Brasília July/Aug. 2009

 ·  Inheritance of resistance to Puccinia psidii G. Winter in a eucalyptus interspecific hybrid progeny evaluated under conditions of natural infection
Teixeira, Juliana E.C.; Guedes, Fernanda T.P.; Dias, Donizete C.; Bonine, César A.V.; Camargo, Luis Eduardo A.

        · abstract in English | Portuguese     · text in Portuguese     · Portuguese ( pdf )
 ·  Relationship between occurrence of Panama disease in banana trees of cv. Nanicão and nutrients in soil and leaves
Furtado, Edson Luiz; Bueno, César Júnior; Oliveira, Antonio Luiz de; Menten, José Otávio M.; Malavolta, Eurípides

        · abstract in English | Portuguese     · text in Portuguese     · Portuguese ( pdf )
 ·  Use of water restriction for the detection of Alternaria dauci and Alternaria radicina in carrot seeds (Daucus carota)
Carvalho, Enia M. de; Silva, Ursula A. da; Rodrigues, Denise C.G.A.

        · abstract in English | Portuguese     · text in Portuguese     · Portuguese ( pdf )
 ·  Effect of foliar silicon application on resistance against coffee leaf rust and on the potentiation of defense enzymes in coffee
Pereira, Sandra C.; Rodrigues, Fabrício A.; Carré-Missio, Vivian; Oliveira, Maria Goreti A.; Zambolim, Laércio

        · abstract in English | Portuguese     · text in Portuguese     · Portuguese ( pdf )
 ·  Influence of boron, nitrogen sources and soil pH on the control of club root of crucifers caused by Plasmodiophora brassicae
Ruaro, Lucimeris; Lima Neto, Vismar da C.; Ribeiro Júnior, Paulo Justiniano

        · abstract in English | Portuguese     · text in Portuguese     · Portuguese ( pdf )
 Short Communications
 ·  Biological, serological and molecular comparison between isolates of Cowpea severe mosaic virus
Camarço, Rosa Felicia E. Araújo; Nascimento, Aline K. Queiroz do; Andrade, Eduardo C. de; Lima, José Albersio A.

        · text in English     · English ( pdf )
 ·  Microscopic and molecular evidence of phytoplasma in murta plants (Ugni molinae Turcz: ) affected by witches'-broom disease
Andrade S., Nancy; Villagra H., María; Arismendi S., Nolberto

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Diagrammatic Scale for Assessment of Septoria apiicola and Cercospora arracacina in Arracacha
Mesquini, Renata M.; Schwan-Estrada, Kátia R.F.; Godoy, Cláudia V.; Vieira, Rafael A.; Zarate, Nestor A.H.; Vieira, Maria do Carmo

        · text in Portuguese     · Portuguese ( pdf )
 ·  Detection of Meloidogyne mayaguensis on guava and papaya in Goiás State of Brazil using molecular markers
Siqueira, Kércya M.S. de; Freitas, Vânia M.; Almeida, Maria Ritta A.; Santos, Marcilene F.A. dos; Cares, Juvenil A.; Tigano, Myrian S.; Carneiro, Regina M.D.G.

        · text in Portuguese     · Portuguese ( pdf )
 ·  Genetic variability in field populations of the soybean cyst nematode from the states of Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Santana, Hamilton; Pires, Ely; Comerlato, Anna P.; Nasu, Erica G.C.; Furlanetto, Cleber

        · text in Portuguese     · Portuguese ( pdf )
 ·  Sensitivity of methods for detection of pathogenic fungi in white and black oat seeds in Rio Grande do Sul state
Almeida, Mirella Figueiró de; Reis, Erlei Melo

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