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Tropical Plant Pathology
On-line version ISSN 1983-2052


Table of contents
Trop. plant pathol. vol.36 no.3 Brasília May/June 2011

 ·  Comparison of inoculation methods for characterizing relative aggressiveness of two soybean sudden-death syndrome pathogens, Fusarium virguliforme and F. tucumaniae
Scandiani, María Mercedes; Ruberti, Delma S.; Giorda, Laura M.; Pioli, Rosanna N.; Luque, Alicia G.; Bottai, Hebe; Ivancovich, Juan J.; Aoki, Takayuki; O'Donnell, Kerry

 ·  Evaluation of host susceptibility, pathogen aggressiveness and sporangial survival in soil as factors affecting incidence of potato tuber infection by Phytophthora infestans in Ecuador
Oyarzún, Pedro J.; Krijger, Anna-Karin; Garzón, Carla D.; Leon, Diego; Kromann, Peter; Yuen, Jonathan E.; Forbes, Gregory A.

 ·  Detection of a complex of viruses in tamarillo (Solanum betaceum) orchards in the Andean region of Colombia
Jaramillo, Margarita; Gutiérrez, Pablo Andrés; Lagos, Luz Estela; Cotes, José Miguel; Marín, Mauricio

 ·  Predicting population level of Delphacodes kuscheli, vector of Mal de Río Cuarto virus, and climate risk in the Argentine Pampas using meteorological models
Ornaghi, José A.; March, Guillermo J.; Moschini, Ricardo C.; Martínez, Malvina I.; Boito, Graciela T.

 ·  Analysis of tomato seedling cell death in response to copper and paraquat induction
Rueda, Antoni; Roman, Yony; Lobo, Mario; Pelaez, Carlos

 ·  Crop rotation in center-pivot for phytonematode control: density variation, pathogenicity and crop loss estimation
Inomoto, Mário M.; Siqueira, Kércya M.S.; Machado, Andressa C.Z.

 Short Communications
 ·  Detection of 16SrII Group Phytoplasma in China Aster (Callistephus chinensis)
Win, Nang Kyu Kyu; Kim, Young-Hwan; Chung, Heewon; Jung, Hee-Young

 ·  Characterization of Meloidogyne incognita populations from São Paulo and Minas Gerais state and their pathogenicity on coffee plants
Oliveira, Dagoberto S.; Oliveira, Rosângela D'Arc Lima; Silva, Débora G.; Silva, Rodrigo V.

 ·  Variability of Puccinia sorghi in the core corn-growing region of Argentina
Gonzalez, Mirian del Pilar; Eyherabide, Guillermo; Laguna, Irma Graciela