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Tropical Plant Pathology
On-line version ISSN 1983-2052


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Trop. plant pathol. vol.37 no.3 Brasília May/June 2012

 ·  New species and notes of Colletotrichum on daylilies (Hemerocallis spp.)
Yang, Youlian; Liu, Zuoyi; Cai, Lei; Hyde, Kevin D.

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 ·  Mechanism of resistance and presence of different resistance genes to Ramularia areola in two cotton genotypes
Zandoná, Carla; Novaes, Tanara G.; Nunes, Maria Paula; Almeida, Wilson P.; Aguiar, Paulo H.; Morello, Camilo L.; Shuster, Ivan; Mehta, Yeshwant R.

 ·  Comparison of Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) isolates by RFLP analysis of the coat protein nucleotide sequences and by the severity of the symptoms
Corazza, Maria Júlia; Zanutto, Carlos Alexandre; Zanineli-Ré, Maria Lúcia; Müller, Gerd Walter; Nunes, William Mário de Carvalho

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 ·  Evaluation of management practices for corynespora leaf spot of tomato
Coelho Netto, Rosalee Albuquerque; Noda, Hiroshi; Assis, Luiz Alberto Guimarães de; Machado, Francisco Manoares

 ·  Resistance of progenies of cacao to Ceratocystis wilt
Silva, Stela Dalva Vieira Midlej; Pinto, Luiz Roberto Martins; Oliveira, Bruno Ferreira de; Damaceno, Virginia Oliveira; Pires, José Luis; Dias, Carlos Tadeu dos Santos

 ·  Evaluation of soybean resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum at different phenological stages and over different periods of exposure to inoculum
Garcia, Riccely A.; Juliatti, Fernando C.

 ·  Progress of cotton ramulosis in the field after disease establishment through inoculation of seeds with Colletotrichum gossypii var. cephalosporioides
Araújo, Dejânia V. de; Zambenedetti, Gian B.; Dallacort, Rivanildo; Azevedo, Vírgínia H. de; Mainardi, Janile T.

 Short Communications
 ·  Detection and molecular characterization of cactus witches'-broom disease associated with a group 16SrII phytoplasma in northern areas of China
Li, Zheng-Nan; Zhang, Lei; Liu, Ping; Bai, Yao-Bo; Yang, Xiao-Gang; Wu, Yun-Feng

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 ·  Occurrence of Meloidogyne enterolobii on muricizeiro of (Byrsonima cydoniifolia)
Paes, Vanessa dos S.; Soares, Pedro L.M.; Murakami, Devanir M.; Santos, Jaime M. dos; Barbosa, Bruno F.F.; Neves, Samira S.

 ·  Reaction of grapevine rootstocks to Pratylenchus brachyurus and Pratylenchus zeae
Puerari, Heriksen H.; Dias-Arieira, Claudia R.; Moura, Mara F.; Biela, Fabio; Chiamolera, Fernando M.; Cunha, Tatiana P.L. da

 ·  Inoculum viability and survival of Heterodera glycines race 3 in soil
Mizobutsi, Edson H.; Ferraz, Silamar; Mizubuti, Eduardo S.G.; Dias-Arieira, Claudia R.; Ribeiro, Regina C.F.