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Psychology & Neuroscience
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Psychol. Neurosci. vol.4 no.2 Rio de Janeiro  2011

The First Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Institute of Neuropsychology and Behavior (IBNeC) in conjunction with the Second Forum on the Neurobiology of Stress
Hazin, Izabe; Bizarro, Lisiane; Almeida, Rosa Maria Martins de

Fear, anxiety and their disorders: past, present and future neural theories
McNaughton, Neil

Defense-related emotions in humans
Graeff, Frederico Guilherme

The neurobiology of posttraumatic stress disorder: dysfunction in the prefrontal-amygdala circuit?
Lobo, Isabela; Oliveira, Letícia de; David, Isabel A.; Pereira, Mirtes G.; Volchan, Eliane; Rocha-Rego, Vanessa; Figueira, Ivan; Mocaiber, Izabela

Panic-like behaviors in Carioca High-and Low-conditioned Freezing rats
Galvão, Bruno de Oliveira; Gomes, Vitor de Castro; Maisonnette, Silvia; Landeira- Fernandez, J.

Gabaergic mechanisms of anterior and ventromedial hypothalamic nuclei in the expression of freezing in response to a light-conditioned stimulus
Santos, Julia Maria dos; Brandão, Marcus Lira

Analysis of the occurrence of early life stress in adult psychiatric patients: a systematic review
Martins, Camila Maria Severi; Tofoli, andra Marcia de Carvalho; Baes, Cristiane Von Werne; Juruena, Mario

Early life stress, HPA axis, and depression
Tofoli, Sandra Marcia de Carvalho; Baes, Cristiane Von Werne; Martins, Camila Maria Severi; Juruena, Mario

Proprioceptive deficits in Parkinson's disease: from clinical data to animal experimentation
Ribeiro, Letícia; Souza, Tadeu Mello e; Bizarro, Lisiane; Oliveira, Alcyr

Neuropsychological and neurobiological markers of the preclinical stage of Alzheimer's disease
Fichman, Helenice Charchat; Oliveira, Rosinda Martins; Fernandes, Conceição Santos

The use of the Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB) in neuropsychological assessment: application in Brazilian research with control children and adults with neurological disorders
Roque, Daniela Tsubota; Teixeira, Rosani Aparecida Antunes; Zachi, Elaine C.; Ventura, Dora F.

Frontal stroke: problem solving, decision making, impulsiveness, and depressive symptoms in men and women
Scheffer, Morgana; Monteiro, Janine Kieling; Almeida, Rosa Maria Martins de

Dynamics of a Stroop matching task: effect of alcohol and reversal with training
David, Isabel A.; Volchan, Eliane; Alfradique, Isabel; Oliveira, Letícia de; Pereira, Mirtes G.; Ranvaud, Ronald; Vila, Jaime; Machado-Pinheiro, Walter

Pervasive development disorder explained by the theory of executive dysfunction: case study
Fontanari, Anna Martha Vaitses; Vaitses, Vivian Denise Cazerta

On selecting emotional outcomes in a rehabilitation program for persons with traumatic brain injury in Brazil
Pereira, Ana Paula Almeida de