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Psychology & Neuroscience
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Psychol. Neurosci. vol.5 no.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan./June 2012

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Landeira-Fernandez, J.; Cruz, A. Pedro de Mello; Ventura, Dora Fix

Early malnutrition decreases contrast sensitivity to circular concentric gratings
Alencar, Caroline C. G.; Santos, Natanael A. dos

Pain in preterm infants: effects of sex, gestational age, and neonatal illness severity
Valeri, Beatriz Oliveira; Linhares, Maria Beatriz Martins

Healthy maternal bonding as a resilience factor for depressive disorder
Miranda, Agnes M.; Soares, Claudio N.; Moraes, Maira L.; Fossaluza, Victor; Serafim, Paula M.; Mello, Marcelo F.

Sitting and silent meditation as a strategy to study emotion regulation
Menezes, Carolina B.; Pereira, Mirtes G.; Bizarro, Lisiane

Explaining school mathematics performance from symbolic and nonsymbolic magnitude processing: similarities and differences between typical and low-achieving children
Ferreira, Fernanda de Oliveira; Wood, Guilherme; Pinheiro-Chagas, Pedro; Lonnemann, Jan; Krinzinger, Helga; Willmes, Klaus; Haase, Vitor Geraldi

Neuropsychological assessment of a preteen with conduct disorder
Acosta, María Rocío; Triana, Juliana; Chipatecua, Alexandra Gaitán; Fonseca, Luisa; Alonso, Diana

The Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test: normative data for the Arabic-speaking population and analysis of the differential influence of demographic variables
Poreh, Amir; Sultan, Alya; Levin, Jennifer

Executive demands of the Tower of London task in Brazilian teenagers
Dias, Natália Martins; Seabra, Alessandra Gotuzo

Semantic word association: comparative data for Brazilian children and adults
Zortea, Maxciel; Salles, Jerusa Fumagalli de

Restricted stimulus control in stimulus control shaping with a capuchin monkey
Brino, Ana Leda de Faria; Galvão, Olavo de Faria; Barros, Romariz da Silva; Goulart, Paulo Roney Kilpp; McIlvane, William J.

Fixed-interval pause duration in chained fixed-ratio, fixed-interval schedules
Todorov, João Claudio; Carvalho, Lucas Couto de; Couto, Kalliu Carvalho; Cruz, Gleidson Gabriel da; Cunha, Claudia Octavia Ribeiro da

Discriminated conditioned suppression in rats
Ribeiro, Thais Arantes; Huziwara, Edson Massayuki; Montagnoli, Tathianna Amorim Souza; Souza, Deisy das Graças de

Cues to the usefulness of grooming behavior in the evaluation of anxiety in the elevated plus-maze
Estanislau, Celio

Relationship between circulating testosterone and emotional behavior in rats
Oyekunle, Olanrewaju Akinloye; Ibironke, Goke Francis; Opabunmi, Oluwole Adebayo

Subchronic effects of fluoxetine on conditioned suppression produced by a hot air blast
Nascimento, Gabriela Souza do; Monteiro, Patrícia Caroline Madeira; Gouveia Jr., Amauri; Carvalho Neto, Marcus Bentes de