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Zoologia (Curitiba)
Print version ISSN 1984-4670


Table of contents
Zoologia (Curitiba) vol.29 no.2 Curitiba Apr. 2012

 Aquaculture and Fisheries
 ·  Effects of dietary propolis and vitamin E on growth performance and antioxidant status in blood of juvenile Rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Teleostei: Salmoniformes) under different flow rates
Kelestemur, Gülüzar Tuna; Seven, Pinar Tatli; Yilmaz, Seval

 ·  Behavioral evidence for cone-based ultraviolet vision in divergent bat species and implications for its evolution
Fujun, Xuan; Kailiang, Hu; Tengteng, Zhu; Paul, Racey; Xuzhong, Wang; Yi, Sun

 ·  Abundance changes and activity flexibility of the oncilla, Leopardus tigrinus (Carnivora: Felidae), appear to reflect avoidance of conflict
Oliveira-Santos, Luiz Gustavo R.; Graipel, Maurício E.; Tortato, Marcos A.; Zucco, Carlos A.; Cáceres, Nilton C.; Goulart, Fernando V. B.

 ·  Replacement and growth of primary feathers in captive rock pigeons, Columba livia (Aves: Columbidae)
Mallet-Rodrigues, Francisco

 ·  Detection of introduced sessile species on the near shore continental shelf in southern Brazil
Bumbeer, Janaína de Araújo; Rocha, Rosana Moreira da

 ·  Small-scale experimental contamination with diesel oil does not affect the recolonization of Sargassum (Fucales) fronds by vagile macrofauna
Grande, Henrique; Reis, Marcelo; Jacobucci, Giuliano Buzá

 ·  Species composition and abundance of the benthic community of Axiidea and Gebiidea (Crustacea: Decapoda) in the Marapanim Bay, Amazon estuary, northern Brazil
Silva, Dalila Costa; Martinelli-Lemos, Jussara Moretto

 ·  A comparative structural cytogenetic study in three allopatric populations of Astyanax scabripinnis (Teleostei: Characidae)
Santos, Natália M.; Ferreira-Neto, Maressa; Artoni, Roberto F.; Vicari, Marcelo R.; Bakkali, Mohammed; Oliveira, Claudio de; Foresti, Fausto

 Morphology and Physiology
 ·  Setting the reference for the use of Chironomus sancticaroli (Diptera: Chironomidae) as bioindicator: Ontogenetic pattern of larval head structures
Rebechi, Débora; Navarro-Silva, Mário Antônio

 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
 ·  Rediscovered after 77 years: Odontodiaptomus thomseni - a rare species of calanoid (Crustacea: Copepoda) from South America
Perbiche-Neves, Gilmar; Boxshall, Geoff A.; Rocha, Carlos E. F. da; Nogueira, Marcos G.

 Short Communication
 ·  Falco sparverius (Aves: Falconiformes) preying upon Nyctinomops laticaudatus (Chiroptera: Molossidae)
Aguiar, Ludmilla Moura de Souza; Motta, Adarene; Esberárd, Carlos

 ·  Dogs can detect scat samples more efficiently than humans: an experiment in a continuous Atlantic Forest remnant
Oliveira, Márcio L. de; Norris, Darren; Ramírez, José F. M.; Peres, Pedro H. de F.; Galetti, Mauro; Duarte, José M. B.