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Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications
versão On-line ISSN 2179-1074


J. Microw. Optoelectron. Electromagn. Appl. vol.10 no.1 São Caetano do Sul jun. 2011

 Regular Papers
 ·  Study of backfire antennas
Kirov, G. S.; Hristov, H. D.

 ·  Study on effect of rectangular DMS and DGS on 4 and 8 elements rectangular microstrip linear array antenna
Mallikarjun, S L; Hadalgi, P M; Hunagund, P V

 ·  Automated photosensitivity enhancement in optical fiber tapers
Paterno, Aleksander Sade; Oliveira, Valmir de; Kalinowski, Hypolito J.

 ·  Polarization maintaining highly birefringent small mode area photonic crystal fiber at telecommunication window
Mishra, S.S.; Singh, Vinod K.

 ·  A load effect evaluation of a transmission line exciting chamber
Santos Jr., Mario. A.; Voyer, Damien; Perrussel, Ronan; Weinzierl, Djonny; Sartori, Carlos. A. F.; Krähenbühl, Laurent; Vollaire, Christian; Cardoso, José R.

 ·  A compact wide slot antenna with dual band-notch characteristic for ultra wideband applications
Liu, Cheng-yuan; Jiang, Tao; Li, Ying-song

 Selected Papers from Momag 2010
 ·  Foreword special issue: selected papers from Momag 2010
Ribeiro, Moisés Renato Nunes; Silva, Viviane Cristine

 ·  Numerical treatment of rounded and sharp corners in the modeling of 2D electrostatic fields
Krähenbühl, L.; Buret, F.; Perrussel, R.; Voyer, D.; Dular, P.; Péron, V.; Poignard, C.

 ·  Theoretical and experimental performance evaluation methods for DD-OFDM systems with optical amplification
Cartaxo, Adolfo V. T.; Alves, Tiago M. F.

 ·  Dynamic modeling of transverse flux permanent magnet generator for wind turbines
Salles, Maurício B. C.; Cardoso, José R.; Hameyer, Kay

 ·  Comparison between known propagation models using least squares tuning algorithm on 5.8 GHz in Amazon region cities
Castro, Bruno S. L.; Pinheiro, Márcio R.; Cavalcante, Gervásio P. S.; Gomes, Igor R.; Carneiro, Oziel de O.

 ·  Hg0.8Re0.2Ba2Ca2Cu 3O8.8 thick film produced by Laser Ablation
Orlando, M. T. D.; Rodrigues, V. A.; Dias, S. P.; Fardin, J. F.; Simonetti, D. S. L.; Belich, H.; Carvalho, C. C.; Silva Neto, J. L. da; Yugue, E. S.; Werneck, M. M.

 ·  Channel characteristics in tunnels: FDTD simulations and measurement
Ramirez, L.A.R.; Hasselmann, F.J.V.; Zhang, Y.P.

 ·  Terrestrial rain attenuation time series synthesizers for tropical regions
Andrade, F. J. A.; Rodrigues, M. E. C.; Silva Mello, L. A. R. da

 ·  Transmission of a 20 Gb/s NRZ OOK signal throughout a 390 km fiber link and a cascade of 11 x 50 GHz filters and 9 x EDFAs
Pataca, Daniel M.; Oliveira, Julio C. R. F.; Juriollo, Antonio A.; Herbster, Adolfo F.; Rocha, Mônica de Lacerda

 ·  Analysis of signal processing techniques for optical 112 Gb/s DP-QPSK receivers with experimental data
Portela, Thiago F.; Souto, Diego V.; Rozental, Valery N.; Ferreira, Hugo B.; Mello, Darli A. A.; Griesser, Helmut

 ·  FBG optimization using spline encoded evolution strategy
Sousa, M. J. de; Costa, J. C. W. A.; Souza, R. M. de; Pantoja, R. V. M. P.

 ·  Statistical modeling of manufacturing uncertainties for microstrip filters
Ortega P., Abraham E.; Menezes, Leonardo R.A.X. de; Abdalla Jr., Humberto

 ·  Control strategies applied for reducing the vibration and torque ripple of a special Switched Reluctance Motor
Correa, D. A. P.; Silva, W. M. da; Nabeta, S. I.; Chabu, I. E.

 ·  Characterization of bone Tissue by microwaves using wavelets and KNN
Barros, Jannayna Domingues; Oliveira Júnior, José Josemar de; Silva, Sandro Gonçalves da; Farias, Robson Fernandes de

 ·  Analysis of modified bowtie nanoantennas in the excitation and emission regimes
Costa, Karlo Q. da; Dmitriev, Victor A.

 ·  Analysis of magnetic force production in slider actuators combining analytical and finite element methods
Nogueira, Antônio Flavio Licarião

 ·  Applicability of low macrobending loss hollow-core PCF to FTTH applications
Lona, D. G.; Hernández-Figueroa, H. E.; Cerqueira S. Jr., Arismar; Stefanini, G.; Fragnito, H. L.

 ·  Optical fibres coating aging induced by the maritime environment
Domingues, F.; André, P.; Granada, M.

 ·  New method for optimum design of pyramidal horn antennas
Pereira, Leandro de Paula Santos; Terada, Marco Antonio Brasil

 ·  Anisotropic-dielectric-loaded corrugated guide
Senhorini, K.C.C.O.; Descardeci, J.R.; Bergmann, J.R.

 ·  Uncooled detectors of continuum terahertz radiation
Kaufmann, P.; Marcon, R.; Kudaka, A.S.; Cassiano, M. M.; Fernandes, L.O.T.; Marun, A.; Pereyra, P.; Godoy, R.; Bortolucci, E.; Zakia, M. Beny; Diniz, J.A.; Silva, A.M. Pereira Alves da; Timofeevsky, A.V.; Nikolaev, V.A.