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Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications
On-line version ISSN 2179-1074


Table of contents
J. Microw. Optoelectron. Electromagn. Appl. vol.10 no.2 São Caetano do Sul Dec. 2011

 Paper Information
 ·  An improvement of defected ground structure lowpass/bandpass filters using H-slot resonators and coupling matrix method
Boutejdar, Ahmed; Omar, Abbas; Burte, Edmund P.; Mikuta, Reinhard

 ·  Novel technique for locating an intruder in 3D environments by using a cooperative system of multistatic radars
Araújo, Josivaldo de S.; Oliveira, Rodrigo M. S. de; S. Sobrinho, Carlos Leonidas da S.

 ·  Design of distributed optical-fiber raman amplifiers using multi-objective particle swarm optimization
Bastos-Filho, Carmelo J. A.; Figueiredo, Elliackin M. N.; Martins-Filho, Joaquim F.; Chaves, Daniel A. R.; Segatto, Marcelo E. V.; Cani, S.; Pontes, Maria J.

 ·  Simplified model of interconnect layers under a spiral inductor
Holik, Sonia M.; Drysdale, Timothy D.

 ·  Comparative study of fundamental properties of honey comb photonic crystal fiber at 1.55µm wavelength
Mishra, S.S.; Singh, Vinod Kumar

 ·  An FET-based microwave active circuit with dual-band negative group delay
Ravelo, Blaise; De Blasi, Serge

 ·  Heuristic solutions related to challenges of optical burst switching paradigm
Garg, Amit Kumar

 ·  A new multilevel smoothing method for wavelet-based algebraic multigrid poisson problem solver
Pereira, Fabio Henrique; Prado, Kleber Rogério Moreira; Nabeta, Silvio Ikuyo

 ·  An automatic methodology for obtaining optimum shape factors for the radial point interpolation method
Machado, Péricles L.; Oliveira, Rodrigo M.S. de; Souza, Washington C.B.; Araújo, Ramon C.F.; Tostes, Maria E.L.; Gonçalves, Cláudio