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Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications
versão On-line ISSN 2179-1074


J. Microw. Optoelectron. Electromagn. Appl. vol.11 no.1 São Caetano do Sul jun. 2012

Unified method for the prediction of rain attenuation in satellite and terrestrial links
Mello, L. da Silva; Pontes, Marlene S.

Upgrading and extending PON by using in-band WDM overlay
Penze, Rivael Strobel; Rosolem, Joao Batista; Baldini Filho, Renato

Performance evaluation of PCRR based add drop filter with different rod shapes
Robinson, S.; Nakkeeran, R.

Increasing energy efficiency in OCDMA network via distributed power control
Durand, Fábio R.; Angélico, Bruno A.; Abrão, Taufik

Software for project and analysis of frequency selective surfaces
Campos, Antonio L. P. S.; d’Assunção, Adaildo G.; Maniçoba, Robson H. C.; Araújo, Lincoln M.

Detection and analysis of rotor faults in induction motors by the measurement of the stray magnetic flux
Rigoni, M.; Sadowski, N.; Batistela, N. J.; Bastos, J.P. A.; Nau, S. L.; Kost, A.

Spectral domain analysis of double screen frequency selective surfaces
Campos, Antonio Luiz Pereira de Siqueira; Silva, Tércio de Lima

Planar multilayer structure analysis: an educational approach
Ferreira, D.B.; Tinoco Salazar, A.F.; Bianchi, I.; Lacava, J.C. da S.

On the design of tree-type ultra wideband fractal Antenna for DS-CDMA system
Kumar, Raj; Chaubey, Prem Narayan

Modeling of electromagnetic waves propagation in four-level two-electron atomic systems governed by Pauli Exclusion Principle using the TLM method
El Faylali, H.; Iben Yaich, M.; Khalladi, M.; Rafaoui, A.

ANN model of RF MEMS Lateral SPDT switches for millimeter wave applications
Suganthi, S.; Murugesan, K.; Raghavan, S.

A dual tuned Complementary Structure Frequency Selective surface for WLAN applications
Ray, Arup; Kahar, Manisha; Biswas, Sushanta; Sarkar, Debasree; Sarkar, Partha Pratim

Analysis of microstrip antennas on carbon fiber composite material
Assis, Rodrigo R. de; Bianchi, Ildefonso

Studying the effect of Building Block Shape on Sierpinski tetrahedron fractal antenna behavior using FDTD-equivalent electric circuits
Jabbar, A. N.

Experimental analysis of all-optical 4-ASK signal generation through parametric amplification
Marconi, J. D.; Abbade, M. L. F.; Costa, A. L. A.; Moschim, E.; Fragnito, H. L.

Analysis and design of L-strip proximity coupled circular microstrip antenna
Pandey, Ganga Prasad; Kanaujia, Binod Kumar; Gupta, Surendra. K.; Gautam, A. K.

Optimal design of double folded stub microstrip filter by neural network modelling and particle swarm optimization
Banookh, Amir; Barakati, S. Masoud

Scattering analysis of planar electric and magnetic dipoles in multilayered chiral structures
Rabelo, N. R.; Lacava, J. C. da S.; Fernandes, D.; Sant'Anna, S. J. S.