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Jornal da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia
On-line version ISSN 2179-6491


Table of contents
J. Soc. Bras. Fonoaudiol. vol.24 no.1 São Paulo  2012

Behlau, Mara

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Fernandes, Fernanda Dreux M.

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 Original Articles
 ·  Immediate effects of the high-pitched blowing vocal exercise
Maia, Maria Emilia Oliveira; Maia, Mariana Oliveira; Gama, Ana Cristina Côrtes; Behlau, Mara

 ·  Group speech-language pathology intervention in popular singers: prospective controlled study
Goulart, Bárbara Niegia Garcia de; Rocha, Jaqueline Garcia da; Chiari, Brasilia Maria

 ·  Impact of auditory training for perceptual assessment of voice executed by undergraduate students in Speech-Language Pathology
Silva, Regiane Serafim Abreu; Simões-Zenari, Marcia; Nemr, Nair Kátia

 ·  Auditory rehabilitation effects on the temporal ordering ability in elderly hearing aids users
Hennig, Tais Regina; Costa, Maristela Julio; Rossi, Angela Garcia; Moraes, Anaelena Bragança de

 ·  Software use in the (re)habilitation of hearing impaired children
Silva, Mariane Perin da; Comerlatto Junior, Ademir Antonio; Balen, Sheila Andreoli; Bevilacqua, Maria Cecília

 ·  Temporal processing in children with phonological disorders submitted to auditory training: a pilot study
Vilela, Nadia; Wertzner, Haydée Fiszbein; Sanches, Seisse Gabriela Gandolfi; Neves-Lobo, Ivone Ferreira; Carvallo, Renata Mota Mamede

 ·  Stimulability: auxiliary measure in the identification of difficulty in speech sounds production
Castro, Márcia Mathias de; Wertzner, Haydée Fiszbein

 ·  Is it possible to predict the length of therapy for developmental language impairments?
Puglisi, Marina Leite; Gândara, Juliana Perina; Giusti, Elisabete; Gouvêa, Maria Aparecida; Befi-Lopes, Debora Maria

 ·  Analysis of oral narratives of preschool children before and after language stimulation
Verzolla, Beatriz Lopes Porto; Isotani, Selma Mie; Perissinoto, Jacy

 ·  Phonemic awareness in students before and after language workshops
Soares, Aparecido José Couto; Cárnio, Maria Silvia

 ·  Occurrence of the repair strategy of stopping: relationship with phonological disorder severity and affected phonemes
Costa, Vanessa Pires; Backes, Fabieli Thaís; Pegoraro, Silvana Pereira; Wiethan, Fernanda Marafiga; Melo, Roberta Michelon; Mota, Helena Bolli

 Case Reports
 ·  Paradoxical vocal fold motion: respiratory retraining to manage long-term symptoms
Hatzelis, Victoria; Murry, Thomas

        · abstract in English | Portuguese     · text in English     · pdf in English
 ·  Phonological awareness abilities of a child with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome before and after speech therapy
Furlan, Suzana Aparecida; Fukuda, Marisa Tomoe Hebihara; Granzotti, Raphaela Barroso Guedes

 ·  Analysis of the therapeutic progress of children with phonological disorders after the application of the Multiple Oppositions Approach
Ceron, Marizete Ilha; Keske-Soares, Márcia

 Evidence-Based Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
 ·  Inclusion of individuals with special needs in regular education: a literature review
Silva, Fabiana Trevisani; Gonçalves, Eduardo Augusto Vella; Alvarenga, Kátia de Freitas

 Brief Communication
 ·  Comparing the use of the Childhood Autism Rating Scale and the Autism Behavior Checklist protocols to identify and characterize autistic individuals
Santos, Thaís Helena Ferreira; Barbosa, Milene Rossi Pereira; Pimentel, Ana Gabriela Lopes; Lacerda, Camila Andrioli; Balestro, Juliana Izidro; Amato, Cibelle Albuquerque de la Higuera; Fernandes, Fernanda Dreux Miranda