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Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia
On-line version ISSN 2179-975X


Table of contents
Acta Limnol. Bras. (Online) vol.22 no.3 Rio Claro July/Sept. 2010

 Biological Limnology
 ·  Determinants of beta diversity: the relative importance of environmental and spatial processes in structuring phytoplankton communities in an Amazonian floodplain
Nogueira, Ina de Souza; Nabout, João Carlos; Ibañez, Maria do Socorro Rodrigues; Bourgoin, Laurence Maurice

 ·  Evaluation of the sampling methods applied to phycoperiphyton studies in the Ratones River estuary, Brazil
Vettorato, Bianca; Laudares-Silva, Roselane; Talgatti, Dávia; Menezes, Mariângela

 ·  Which is the best environment for the development of the early life stages of fish during the dry season?
Esguícero, André Luiz Henríques; Arcifa, Marlene Sofia

 ·  Chironomidae (Diptera) community structure in two subsystems with different states of conservation in a floodplain of southern Brazil
Rosin, Gisele Cristina; Mangarotti, Danielle Paula de Oliveira; Takeda, Alice Michiyo

 ·  Structure and distribution of Hydrachnidia (Parasitengona-Acari) in the sub-basin of the Grande River (Superior Basin of Quinto River. San Luis-Argentina)
Quiroga, Carlos Raul; Vallania, Adriana; Ferradás, Beatriz Elena Rosso de

 ·  Seasonal phytoplankton response to increased temperature and phosphorus inputs in a freshwater coastal lagoon, Southern Brazil: a microcosm bioassay
Hennemann, Mariana Coutinho; Petrucio, Mauricio Mello

 ·  Structure of macroinvertebrate communities in riffles of a Neotropical karst stream in the wet and dry seasons
Righi-Cavallaro, Karina Ocampo; Roche, Kennedy Francis; Froehlich, Otávio; Cavallaro, Marcel Rodrigo

 ·  Spatial and temporal variation of Peridinium umbonatum F. Stein, 1883 (Dinophyceae) and its relationship with total phytoplankton of a shallow, oligotrophic lake in central Brazil (Lagoon Bonita, Distrito Federal)
Gomes, Patrícia Pereira; Ibañez, Maria do Socorro Rodrigues; Freitas, June Springer de

 Physical Limnology
 ·  Seston fluxes in the dam of a Colombian tropical reservoir
Moreno, Yimmy Montoya; Ramirez, John Jairo

 Chemical Limnology
 ·  Assessment of Oriçanga and Itupeva rivers water quality at the Pardo-Mogi watershed (São Paulo State, Brazil)
Silva, Mariana Silveira-Guerra Moura e; Queiroz, Julio Ferraz de; Cesnik, Roberto; Ferraz, José Maria Guzman; Moraes, Jener Fernandes

 ·  Serial discontinuity along the Descoberto River Basin, Central Brazil
Silva, Weliton José da; Felisberto, Sirlene Aparecida; Fonseca, Claudia Padovesi; Souza, Maria das Graças Machado de

 ·  Occurrence of Kellicottia bostoniensis (Rousselet, 1908) and Mesocyclops ogunnus Onabamiro, 1957 in lakes of the Middle River Doce, MG, Brazil
Peixoto, Raul Soares; Brandão, Luciana Pena Mello; Valadares, Carla de Fátima; Barbosa, Paulina Maria Maia