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Focaccia, R.; Baraldo, D.C.M.; Ferraz, M.L.G.; Martinelli, A.L.C.; Carrilho, F.J.; Gonçales Jr., F.L.; Pedroso, M.L.A.; Coelho, H.S.M.; Lacerda, M.A.; Brandão, C.E.; Mattos, A.A.; Lira, L.G.C.; Zamin Jr., I.; Pinheiro, J.O.P.; Tovo, C.V.; Both, C.T.; Soares, J.A.S.; Dittrich, S. Demographic and anthropometrical analysis and genotype distribution of chronic hepatitis C patients treated in public and private reference centers in Brazil. Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2004, vol.8, n. 5, ISSN 1413-8670.

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