Figure 3

Fig. 3: silver-stained 4% polyacrylamide gel showing the LS-PCR amplification products obtained with primers NS1-ET1 and 1ng of DNA extracted from snails obtained from different localities. Lanes 1 and 2: Biomphalaria glabrata from Belém, PA; lanes 3 and 4: B. glabrata from Cururupu, MA; lanes 5 and 6: B. glabrata from Touros, RN; lanes 7 and 8: B. glabrata from Pontezinha, PE; lanes 9 and 10: B. glabrata from Aracaju, SE; lanes 11 and 12: B. tenagophila from Paracambi, RJ; lanes 13 e 14: B. tenagophila from Imbé, RS; lanes 15 and 16: B. tenagophila from Joinville, SC; lanes 17 and 18: B. tenagophila from Araçatuba, SP; lanes 19 and 20: B. tenagophila from Formosa, GO; lanes 21 and 22: B. tenagophila from Vila Velha, ES. The species diagnostic bands are indicated by arrows, and the molecular weight markers, are as shown.

(Source: Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz 91: 739-744, 1996).

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