Figure 4

Fig. 4: 6% silver stained polyacrylamide gels showing the RFLP profiles obtained following the digestion of the rDNA ITS with DdeI. The snail species are: lane 1: Biomphalaria glabrata from Belém, PA; lane 2: B. glabrata from Aracaju, SE; lane 3: B. glabrata from, Sabará, MG; lane 4: B. tenagophila from Formosa, GO; lane 5: B. tenagophila from Vespasiano, MG; lane 6, B. tenagophila from Vitória, ES; lane 7: B. straminea from Picos, PI; lane 8: B. straminea from Porto Alegre, RS; lane 9: B. straminea from Várzea do Poço, BA. Molecular size markers are shown on the left of each gel. The arrows indicate species specific fragments.

(Source: Exp Parasitol 89: 180-187, 1998).

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