Absence-like seizures in adult rats following pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus early in life. B.L.C. Ferreira, A.C. Valle, E.A. Cavalheiro and C. Timo-Iaria. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, 36 (12): 1685, 2003.

Figure 1. Bilateral bursts of spike-wave in neocortical areas 10 and 3 during an absence-like seizure. A10 and A3, areas 10 and 3, respectively. CA1 and CA3, hippocampal fields 1 and 3. L = left side; R = right side; TVL = thalamic ventral posterolateral nucleus. Inset, expanded bursts of spike-wave in A10. In a, a high frequency burst; in b, a low frequency burst. Calibration: 100 µV, 1 s.