Low variation in ribosomal DNA and internal transcribed spacers of the symbiotic fungi of leaf-cutting ants (Attini: Formicidae). A.C.O. Silva-Pinhati, M. Bacci Jr., G. Hinkle, M.L. Sogin, F.C. Pagnocca, V.G. Martins, O.C. Bueno and M.J.A. Hebling. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, 37 (10): 1463, 2004.

Figure 4. Characteristic signature for each Leucoagaricus species. Representation of the portion of the ITS1 sequence that was highly variable in Leucoagaricus species but identical in ten fungal isolates collected from eight leafcutter species living in five geographic sites. Dots represent the conserved sites and letters the polymorphic sites of the ITS1 sequences compared to Leucoagaricus americanus. The accession numbers of the GenBank Leucoagaricus sequences were LAU85317, AF295929, AF482863, AF482843, AF482866, LNU85315, AF482869, AF482871, AF482872, AF482874 (in order from the top to the bottom of the figure).