E.F. Bondan, M.A. Lallo, A.H. Trigueiro, C.P. Ribeiro, I.L. Sinhorini and D.L. Graça (2006). Delayed Schwann cell and oligodendrocyte remyelination after ethidium bromide injection in the brainstem of Wistar rats submitted to streptozotocin diabetogenic treatment. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Bilogical Research, 39: 637-646.  

Figure 1. Group IV. A, 7 days after ethidium bromide injection. A macrophage (M) containing myelin at different stages of degradation, including lamellae (l) and neutral fat droplets (n) in an area of enlarged extracellular space filled with myelin debris (asterisk) and demyelinated axons (d). Bar = 1 µm. B, 15 days after ethidium bromide injection. Oligodendrocyte-remyelinated axons (r) associated with hyperthrophic astrocytic processes (a). Bar = 1 µm. C, 15 days after ethidium bromide injection. Axons (r) remyelinated by Schwann cells. Note that portions of Schwann cell cytoplasm (arrowheads) surroundthese axons. Bar = 2 µm.