E.F. Bondan, M.A. Lallo, A.H. Trigueiro, C.P. Ribeiro, I.L. Sinhorini and D.L. Graça (2006). Delayed Schwann cell and oligodendrocyte remyelination after ethidium bromide injection in the brainstem of Wistar rats submitted to streptozotocin diabetogenic treatment. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Bilogical Research, 39: 637-646.  

Figure 3. Diagrams of oligodendrocyte (O) versus Schwann cell (S) remyelination scores in non-diabetic (A) and diabetic (B) rats 31 days post-lesioning. The areas within circles represent mean ± 2 SEM and are considered as domains that represent an average of repair. Non-overlapping repair domains indicate significantly different results. The majority of axons are remyelinated by oligodendrocytes.