S. Scarpelini, S.G. Rhind, B. Nascimento, H. Tien, P.N. Shek, H.T. Peng, H. Huang, R. Pinto, V. Speers, M. Reis and S.B. Rizoli. Normal range values for thromboelastography in healthy adult volunteers. Braz J Med Biol Res 2009; 42: 1210-1217.

Figure 1. Thromboelastography tracings. A, Normal TEG®; B, examples of hyper- and hypocoagulable tracings. R = time to initial fibrin formation (s); K = time to clot formation (s); α = alpha angle (degree), rate of clot formation; MA = maximum amplitude (mm), absolute clot strength; LY30 = fibrinolysis at 30 min after MA (%).