Ecologic potential for the management of açaizeiro fruits (Euterpe precatoria Mart.) in extractive areas in Acre, Brazil

One of the species with a diversification potential for non-timber forest products is Euterpe precatoria Mart., whose fruit management for pulp production includes social, economical and ecological aspects. This study analyzes the density, structure, dynamics and stability of a population Euterpe precatoria in terra firme and inundated forests to evaluate the ecological potential of management. The mean adult density in inundated forests was 60 individuals ha-1 and 23 individuals ha-1 in terra firme forest. Population structure showed an inverse J shape. There was a high fruit production and the population stability was variable among the study sites. These ecological characteristics suggest that this species has a high management potential, such as high density and frequency, abundant regeneration and high fruit production. A greater management potential was observed in inundated forests when compared with terra firme.

Tropical forest; Western Amazonia; Palm; Population structure; Management potential

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