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Fertilidade do pólen de plantas olerícolas na Amazônia - I

Léa Maria Medeiros Carreira Waldelice Soares de Oliveira About the authors


This paper is the first of a series on pollen grain fertility of vegetable plants cultivated at the INPA experimental area at Km 14 of the Manaus-Itacoatiara Road. Statistically significant differences were found in fertility between pollen of white and purple flowered types of Pachyrrhizus tuberosus (Lam.) Spreng, and between green and purple pods types of Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) DC. No significant difference was found between large (abóbora) and small (abobrinha) fruited varieties of Cucurbita moschata (Duch. ex Lam.) Duch. ex Poir.

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