Sensitivity of Candida Yeasts to Antifungals "In Vitro"

Maria do Socorro de Sousa FURTADO Débora da Rocha PIMENTA Jeronilson de Almeida FERREIRA Ana Cláudia CORTÊZ About the authors

The response of Candida species to antifungal agents was evaluated by determination of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) and Minimum Fungicidal Concentration (MFC) "in vitro". Amphotericin B, miconazole and ketoconazole were tested at concentrations between 0,06 to 128 μg/mL using the broth dilution method. Inocula of 30 Candida strains were standardized by adjusting the suspension to contain 1 X 10 6 cfu/mL. Highest strain convergence was seen at MIC of 1,0 μg/mL for amphotericin Β (26,5%), 16 μg/mL for miconazole (26,0%) and 32 μg/ mL for ketoconazole (23,0%). MFC values were 2 μg/mΙ. for amphotericin Β (23,5%), 16 and 64 μg/ mL for miconazole (26,5%) and 32 and 64 μg/mL for ketoconazole (30%). This imidazole showed the highest MIC and MFC with values up to 128 μg/mL. All Candida species, were more sensitive to amphotericin Β than to the others two drugs, and C. albicans was the species with the highest sensitivity.

Candida; antifungal

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